Let the adrenaline rush begin for this year, the chaos and the competition begins this August. GE has rightly taken a step forward in bringing the making of Rio Olympics 2016 live to the world via Drone Week. This year you can witness videos live from Rio that reveal the preparations and making of the grand event- Olympics 2016.

DroneWhat & Where

Drone Week- A week filled with experiences captured by these flying camera vehicles in Rio, that will make us witness the unseen power, infrastructure, & tech behind the Summer Olympics. So each day of the week a live video will be streamed on GE’s Facebook Page.

When- 13th-17th June

Where- Rio De Janeiro (Brazil)

minionWhy & How

GE is one of the leading sponsors of the Rio Olympics and like all the times, GE has it’s own plan of magic rolled up it’s sleeves. Drone Week will mark the gigantic possibilities of using Drones and will mark down the importance of live streaming via social media.

Why Rio? No platform will serve better than this global event!

ohWhy Should I be Intrested?

Well each and every individual, a techfanatic or not, should know about this miracle week. Drones are a trending and magical progeny of technology, in coming time, we are sure that these little vehicles will be seen more, zapping over our heads. These little vehicles are being used to cover those views which are difficult to capture, these unmanned objects will be seen particiapting more photography stunts, weatherforecasting, agriculture, military and in many more fields.

babygirlWhat Makes It Intresting?

The Drone Army is all set to give you an insight in GE technology at work in making this huge event come live. The week will start with a “synchronised drone ballet” and will show how GE technology is working in competing the hydroelectric power from Itaipu Dam, which will keep the facilities up and running this Olympics.

wowIt happened Last Year Too

Yes, this is the second year of Drone Week, it was launched last year by GE in order to Test the waters, it covered videos shot from drones. The content in the videos included Jet Engines testing centre in the Alpachian mountains and a wind farm in the California Desert. Last year Persicope was used a s the social media channel in streaming videos.

Yes! Really!!!

How I can watch the Videos?

GE will be streaming live videos on their official Facebook page

5:20 pm ET; 02:00 am IST-Monday & Friday

02:00 pm ET ; 11:30 pm IST- Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

yayfriendsWhat more to expect?

Be prepared, this upscaling of technology is looking far way pretty and exquisite. And the way the technology is blending with almost anything and everything is remarkable. GE has been working on Intelligent Lighting, and that will serve as the gift to the city, the project is under development and will be GE’s gift to the city. GE is known to give legacy gifts to the host city, this year they will be presenting Light Grid, an intelligent lighting system that will illuminate an inner city park.


We are excited and very much hopeful, we would want to know your share of thoughts! Shoot in your share of thought over Drone Week in the comment section!

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