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Drones are amazing pieces of technology that can be used for various different purposes. They are loved by enthusiasts who fly drones as a hobby and then there are drone applications that can be used in our real life for useful purposes like security etc. These devices also come with a lot of features like a high-resolution camera and more. But what if you want to make your drone flying experience better?

In that case, you can buy accessories for your drone that will let you use your drone in a better way. Accessories like a lanyard will help you handle your drone in a better way. A simple Google search for a drone accessory term like best FPV goggles will reveal a lot of options for the searched terms. But we have decided to share some of the best accessories for you in a single post here. Take a look at the amazing accessories that you can buy for your drone.


A Lanyard will help you handle your drone’s remote controller effortlessly. You can use a lanyard and wear it around yourself which will let you attach your drone’s RC with the lanyard. With this accessory, handing your RC will be easier since when you’re not using it, you can keep it suspended to your body as it is attached safely to the lanyard clip.

Other benefits include your hands being free as per your convenience and there is no chance you can leave the RC anywhere and forget it since it will be on you at all times.

FPV Goggles

An FPV goggle lets you see the first person view of whatever the drone’s camera is seeing. It might feel like a virtual reality experience but it’s just the camera footage from the drone streaming to your FPV goggles. These goggles also come with features such as head tracking which will let you control your drone’s camera using your head movements. You can change the camera’s tilt by just tilting your head and the same goes for performing other actions for the camera.

A lot of people in the drone racing community use the FPV goggle to make their drone racing experience much more exciting and enjoyable. But keep in mind that to use FPV, it is necessary that your drone stays in the range of one kilometre from you.

Propeller Guards

Let’s talk about some safety equipment and accessories for your drone. Having a propeller guard will help your drone save the propellers in case your drone crashes or hits an object while flying. If the propeller blades are damaged while the drone is flying, the drone can easily become unbalanced and you will lose control over your drone. Propeller guards come handy in these situations. If you don’t have a propeller guard that came with the drone, you can buy aftermarket ones that will work with your drone.

Spare Propellers

Having spare propellers is always handy when something goes wrong when you’re out flying your drone. Propellers on a drone are very delicate and should be handled properly but accidents do happen and it is better to be prepared than to be sorry and disappointed. Carrying extra propellers with yourself will let you change propellers on the go which means you will have a great flying experience even if things go slightly wrong.

Extra Batteries

A normal drone has an average flight time of 25-30 minutes on a single fully charged battery. The battery life also depends on a lot of other factors but overall, 25-30 minutes of battery life isn’t something that most people would be happy with. Carrying extra batteries along with yourself while you’re going on a drone expedition is always a great idea. In case you run out of batteries, you can swap the discharged ones with the extra units that you are carrying.

Extra SD Cards
Carrying just one SD card to record all the footage and videos might be a bad idea. When you record videos and photos in high resolution, the recorded/shot footage take up a lot of space on the storage medium. Having extra SD cards will not only make sure that you don’t run out of storage, but it will also help you in case an SD card stops working while in the middle of your drone field trip.

Carry Bag

Most drone companies don’t provide a carry bag for the drone and if you do need a carry bag, you will have to buy a full combo of the drone which will include a bunch of things that might or might not be useful for you. Even after getting the bag, you will realise those bags aren’t good enough and you need something better.

The aftermarket carry bags for your drones come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose to buy a bag that comes in the form of a backpack while other ones come in the form of a bulky sling bag or a suitcase. These carry bags are also quite helpful to keep your drone safe and prevent it from moving while it is packed inside the bag. It will save your precious drone from external factors like dust, other liquid spills and even impacts. Carry bags for drones can definitely prove to be a great idea.

Drone Landing Pad

A drone landing pad is like a miniature helipad for your drone. It basically helps you land the drone safely and preventing the drone from getting damaged during the landing. The landing pad also prevents the drone from getting dirty if you are trying to launch and land the drone from a muddy, dusty or another type of surface where there can be a lot of bushes and grass.

These drone landing pads actually come for a very cheap price and since these are foldable, they can easily be carried around and then be used when you need it.

Camera Filters

When it comes to photography or videography using a drone camera, a lot of factors change and when you compare it to photos we take with our smartphones and cameras, the images from the drones are often overexposed with too much light. At a higher altitude, the factors that play an important role when it comes to imaging differ a lot.

Lighting is a different game altogether at a higher altitude as I mentioned and with a camera filter, you can filter out a lot of this extra light to let you shoot great photos. The comparison of a footage and images with or without a camera filter are compared in the video above and you can see they do make a lot of difference and the images and videos with a filter look much better.

Drone Clip Hangers

These drone clip hangers are actually quite useful when you plan to use your drone for things like fishing. They’re also used in drone races in order to make it difficult for the drones to fly and the person who is controlling them to control. They add an extra fun experience when it comes to racing.

But these clips actually have a lot of useful applications. These can be operated remotely and come with a remote control to help you control the clip. You can control the clip’s release mechanism using the remote provided with the product.

These clips can be attached to a drone quite easily without disturbing their balance or adding much weight to them. Most of these clips use a Velcro strap that goes around the drone to keep the clip attached.


These were some of the best accessories that money can buy for your drone. All of the mentioned accessories have a wide variety of products and some of them are exclusively designed for your drone model so be sure to look at the product’s compatibility with your drone before buying them.

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