Drone Photographs That Will Leave You Mesmerized

Tahiti Fly Shoot

The International Drone Photography Contest was held from May 30th– June 30th 2016 which called for entries from all over the world.

The contest was open for all and thousands of entries were submitted by professional photographers as well as amateur drone flyers from all around the globe.

The entries were judged on creativity and photographic quality, Patrick Witty Deputy Dir. National Geographic, Emanuela Ascoli Photo editor National Geographic, (France) and Dronestagrama were part of the qualified expert panel who judged the contest.

Winners were recently announced and we are amazed with the pictures, these are some majestic aerial view shots.

We won’t say much, take a look yourself.

Nature & Wildlife

Winner - Michael Bernholdt

1st Prize Winner in Nature and Wildlife category. Kalbyris forest in Denmark.

Photographer - Michael Bernholdt
Place - Kalbyris forest, Denmark

Runner-up - Szabolcs Ignacz

2nd Prize Winner in Nature and Wildlife category. Swarm of sheep in Marpod, Romania. (1)

Photographer - Szabolcs Ignacz
Place - Marpod, Romania

Third Winner - Jonathan Payet

3rd Prize Winner in Nature and Wildlife category. Piton de la fournaise volcano in Le Tampon, Reunion, France.

Photographer - Jonathan Payet
Place - Piton De La Fournaise, Reunion, France

Sports & Adventure

Winner - Max Seigel 

1st Prize Winner in Sports and Adventure category. Moab rock climbing in Utah.

Photographer - Max Seigel
Place - Utah

Runner-up - Losmanesdeldrone

2nd Prize Winner in Sports and Adventure category. Complejo Acuatico Norte de Santander in Cacuta, Colombia.

Photographer - Losmanesdeldrone
Place - Cacuta, Columbia

Third Winner -  High Angle Shot

3rd Prize Winner in Sports and Adventure cateogry. Chugach Mountain Range, Alaska.

Photographer - High Angle Shot
Place - Chugach Mountain Range, Alaska


Winner - Francesco Cattuto

1st Prize Winner in Travel category. Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi in Umbria, Italy.

Photographer - Francesco Cattuto
Place - Umbria, Italy

Runner-up - Todd Kennedy

2nd Prize Winner in Travel Category. Cable Beach in Broome, Australia.

Photographer - Todd Kennedy
Place - Broome, Australia

Third Winner - Karolis Janulis

3rd Prize Winner in Travel Category. Summer camp, Amadores, Gran Canaria, Spain.

Photographer - Karolis Janulis
Place - Gran Canaria, Spain