Pokédrone : A Genius Solution For Pokémon Go Players To Catch Pokémon Easily


TRNDlabs recently designed a Pokédrone, especially for all the Pokémon Go players. Once your cell Phone is connected to Wi-Fi, the Pokémon Go app starts to use the Pokédrone’s GPS along with its camera in place of your Phone's camera and GPS.

The Pokédrone come with the auto take-off as well as land function, therefore, you no longer have to worry about your drone flying skills. The hovering function of the drone will make it super easy for you to catch the Pokémon.

Pokédrone has solved the problem of many Pokémon Go Players by allowing them to catch the Pokémon when it appears on their Smartphone for real but then, there is no way humans can catch it that way.

TRNDlabs seems to be quite serious about the development which saves you from doing crazy things like tapping your Smartphone to the DJI drone or tying your Smartphone to the dog's back. And Yes! Pokédrone saves your phone and you from soaking in water.