Drone Racing League – The Emergence Of Drone Enthusiasm [Infographic]


Drones – Crazy term, right ! Everything about these gadgets is going mainstream now. From a never heard term to becoming a passion to tech enthusiasts, they have made significant addition to their existence. These awesome flying gadgets are now the latest rage & with each passing day, their popularity is going Sky high.

The latest ‘Talk of the Town’ is the DRL i.e. the Drone Racing League. Its a professional Racing League for drones & probably, the most popular by far.

The best FPV Drone Pilots from all over the globe have participated in the competition & are ready to fly their customized drones at the best chosen locations of the world.

This event, is not something one can afford to skip on!

The Drone Racing League has gone a step ahead & is getting all ready to receive its first telecast on television. The competitive droning is pretty new to the world & hence, making the buzz it never had. DRL is going big in all ways. Let’s check out how!

Well, the Big Day is coming closer & it will be on 20th November, 2016 that you can see the Drone Racing League World Championship on your TV sets.

Sit tight Guys! It’s arriving soon.

The team of TopDronesForSale.Org is here to give you an insight of the Drone Racing League in a very cool Infographic! Keep the chills on & know everything that you wish to about the grand event of DRL 2016. Enjoy! Do share if you find it worth! 🙂

Drone Racing League

Drone Racing League – Heard About It?

DRL is professional Drone Racing League. Top FPV drone racing pilots fly high-speed drones at iconic locations around the world.

DRL Drones Any Different?

Yes, pretty much! Each DRL drone is custom designed and built by DRL engineers to exacting standards of speed, performance, and endurance, and optimized for drone racing.

The 5 Grand Level

Miami Lights

  • Season Opener
  • Held at NFL Sun Life Stadium, Miami
  • The fastest three -dimensional Course ever fro DRL


  • A Total of 20 Drone Stars participated
  • Happened at an Abandoned Venue with a 40 Acre Relic of 70’s suburban excess – Los Angeles
  • Speeds reached to 80 mph through artifacts of the bygone era

Project Manhattan 

  • World’s Best Drone Pilots against an actual Tech Start Up – Bell Labs.

The Ohio Crash Site

  • Rumors of UNO On High in Ohio.
  • The Drone Abandoned Spaceship has now more reasons for fame.

Gates of Hell (Pre - Opening)

  • July 11th, 2016 dedicated to the Gates of Hell.
  • Happened at an abandoned Power Station on the Banks of Hudson River.
  • The place is also nicknamed as 'Gates of Hell' as per its rusted wall, crumbling structure & history of violence.
  • Special Attraction - Neon gates & Round Hairpin Turns.


  • A new high speed competitive racing sport.
  • Skilled pilots fly quad-copter drones through three-dimensional courses at speeds up to 120 mph.
  • DRL drones are custom built for speed, agility, and performance.
  • Pilots steer from the point of view of the drone by wearing First Person View (FPV) goggles that display a live image transmitted by an onboard camera.
  • Flying a drone competitively at high speed in FPV is an intense, immersive experience.



  • USA
  • Personal Gear - RotorX Atom & Dronewolf Pup
  • Moke is primarily a freestyle pilot but has been racing for the past year. He has found that the stick control from freestyle carries over well into drone racing.


  • USA
  • Personal Gear - Hovership Zuul
  • Furadi transitioned from RC Helicopters to drones after being introduced to them via online message boards in 2014. "FPV Racing has replaced all forms of thrill seeking for me".


  • USA
  • Personal Gear - ShenDrones Mixuko
  • Zoomas began flying in 2012 after discovering FPV via YouTube. Zoomas grew up racing ATV's and dirtbikes, now he fills his need for speed and competition through FPV Racing.

Flying Bear

  • USA
  • Personal Gear - ShenDrones Mixuko 5"
  • FlyingBear is a mechanical product design engineer and drone addict. He loves to build, fly, tinker, and design radio controlled aircraft.

Is Drone Racing Difficult?

We bet they are! Most camera drones use onboard sensors to continually stabilise flight and keep the craft balanced. These components by definition prevent the drone from rolling or flipping too aggressively. Racing drones require aggressive manoeuvrability, so they function in an unassisted mode known as rate mode. This makes them incredibly fast and agile - but also more difficult to control. While it can take months of practice to master, rate mode allows skilled pilots complete freedom to perform aerobatic moves and tricks.

The Upcoming Million Dollar Baby

  • Nicholas Raised more than $8 Million for the Business, launched in 2015
  • DRL Partners With “Survivor” Producer Mark Burnett, Closes $12 Million Investment
  • Sky recently invested $1M so as to bring live drones to the audience.

So, when is this going On - Air?

  • Thu, Sep 15 - Intro to Drone Racing
  • Sun, Oct 23 - Intro to Drone Racing
  • Race 1: Miami Lights
  • Thu, Oct 27 - Race 2, Episode 1: L.A.Pocalypse
  • Sun, Oct 30 - Race 2, Episode 2: L.A.Pocalypse
  • Thu, Nov 3 - Race 3, Episode 1: Project Manhattan
  • Sun, Nov 6 - Race 3, Episode 2: Project Manhattan
  • Thu, Nov 10 - Race 4, Episode 1: The Ohio Crash Site
  • Sun, Nov 13 - Race 4, Episode 2: The Ohio Crash Site
  • Sun, Nov 20 - Race 5, Episode 1: DRL 2016 World Championship
  • Sun, Nov 20 - Race 5, Episode 2: DRL 2016 World Championship

Paparazzi Around

  • New York Times
  • Bloomberg
  • ESPN
  • Variety
  • Financial Times
  • Wired
  • USA Today
  • NPR
  • Time
  • Fox Business
  • Quartz
  • ABC News
  • Fortune
  • Entrepreneur 
  • LA Times
  • CNBC

The Big Day!

20th NOVEMBER, 2016 - DRL 2016 World Championship

The day is arriving fast. Make sure to register your presence at the World Racing Championship 2016. Sit tight next to your TV Sets. You just cannot afford to miss it!
Happy Droning to you!

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