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Out of all the drones for sale on and on the internet today one of the most eye catching brands to watch at the moment in Wingsland.

Wingsland are producing some very high quality drones with fantastic flight times, great color combinations and amazing build quality.

If you ask anyone DJI is still the best brand of drone you can buy but that is only because Wingsland hasn’t got a big name yet. Just wait… 2 maybe 3 years and DJI drones will be in huge trouble.

Wingsland Still do not yet have the budget to compete with DJI and other huge drone brands.

So far Wingsland have released 5 drones which are now for sale all over the globe.

Its latest drone model is the Wingsland X1 drone which has had some amazing reviews and has been dubbed “best drone for beginners”. As the X1 can be flown outdoors and indoors with prop guards and anti collision ground sensors it makes it a very versatile drone to own.

Wingsland have probably marketed the X1 drone incorrectly by calling it a ‘racing drone’ when really it is more of a drone for beginners. As the drone uses WiFi first person view (FPV) which provides absolutely brilliant flying views, this isn’t generally what actually racing drones use as the signal is to lagged for very high speed racing.

The drone Wingsland released before the X1 was the wingsland S6 which really should have been more successful than it was, being that it was one of the first selfie drones released and it was actually the lightest 4K drone at its time of release. It’s just once again DJI had a bigger marketing budget when they released there lesser quality DJI spark for sale.

anyway that all from me for now.

keep an eye on wingsland

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