Staaker Drone: Drone That Will Stalk You


Pre-orders are starting from Today!

The Staaker Drone which is said to be the world's first quadcopter with artificial intelligence which will track your moves and will predict what you are going to do next while flying in the air with 50 mph speed.

It took 3 years in the making of this Staaker Drone which is semi-autonomous and was made by a team of engineers from Google X, CERN and many sports enthusiasts who have consulted with professional production companies.

OJ Seeland, CEO, and founder of Staaker said, “We use all the data from the tracker to predict what you are going to do next. It picks up subtle signs and reacts to them. If it 'senses' you might maneuver toward the right during a downhill ride, for example, the flying machine will compensate."

He added his words by, “We know we can deliver, Our drone will be manufactured by Foxconn. We figured if it’s good enough for Apple, it’s good enough for us, too.”

Starting from today, this Staaker drone can be pre-ordered from the Staaker website for only $1,200. But when the company will end their pre-orders the price of the drone will increase to $1,800 or so.