What to Look for in a Kids Drone


Choosing the right drone for your child can be difficult if you are new to the world of drones and quadcopters. Every drone has different features, and not all are suitable for children. The age of your child and their flying experience will in part determine the type of drone you should choose for them. Here, we have some tips and advice to help you learn about the types of things you should be looking for in a drone for kids.


Flying Time

Kids are often impatient, so choosing a drone with a longer flying time is a good idea so they don’t have to recharge it after just a short while. You should look for a drone which charges quickly too. Alternatively, if your chosen drone has a short flight time, it’s a good idea to buy some spare batteries so you can change them without having to end your flying session to return home and charge it.


Ease of Use

Depending on how much experience your child has with flying drones, you will probably want to choose one which is relatively easy to use. There are drones for beginners which take off and land easier, and altitude hold will also make controlling the drone easier.


Return to Home

A drone with return to home feature is ideal for beginners and children. This feature means that at the press of a button, the drone will return to the user. It’s perfect for when the drone goes out of sight, or you feel like you are starting to lose control. It can give peace of mind to beginners who might worry about losing or damaging their new drone, and it can also help people below from having a drone crash down on them!



Again, if your child has little experience with drones or flying RC toys, you will want to choose one which is durable and can stand up to being crashed a few times! It’s a good idea to choose a drone which has propeller guards, to prevent them from getting caught up in the event of a crash.


Drone Camera

A camera can add a lot of fun for children who are getting good at controlling their drone. Some kids will be interested in flying only and won’t mind whether the drone comes with a camera or not. Some come with First Person View (FPV) which can really make flying a lot more fun for kids who have already mastered the basics. In this mode, the user can see what the drone’s camera sees – sure to amaze kids!



Perhaps the most important consideration for parents who are buying a drone for their child is how much it is going to cost. There are many budget drones available which have a range of great features, perfect for children and beginners. As your child gets older, it is likely they will want a drone with more features, which will of course cost more money.


About Emily Dick the Author

Emily is the owner of toy website Whooops-a-Daisy.com and writes about all sorts of kids toys, from tech toys to puzzles for kids she knows them all. She has a daughter Daisy and wanted to created whooopsadaisy as a way of thanking her for being such an inspiration to her and a joy.

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