Wingsland Company


The drone industry is a fast moving one, probably because drones have increased considerably in popularity in the past few years. To stay ahead of the competition, drone companies are now releasing new and innovative technologies that has made it possible for individuals to pick drones based on preference, use, design or budget. One such company, that has managed to consolidate its place in the drone business, is Wingsland Technology Company.
About Wingsland Technology Company

The Wingsland Technology Company was founded in 2014 under the helm of CNLIGHT Co., Ltd. As one of the market leaders of nano and easy to fly consumer drones, Wingsland Technology has become a standard in small recreational pocket drones, as well as handheld gimbals.

Wingsland has managed to find a way to stand out thanks to the company’s innovative designs that are almost futuristic. Each of the models included in the product line up is adorned with a hint of orange, which is the brand color to make the products easily identifiable.

Additionally, each of the models available is an outstanding display of craftsmanship and great design, which probably explains why Wingsland has been able to perform so well amidst competition from other drone producers and manufacturers.

The Drones

Wingsland embeds all their drones with easy to use controllers. Users can opt to pilot the drone using a specially designed controller that can be worn on the wrist or through an app. The app has all the functions and features you would expect any modern drone to have. However, Wingsland has extra capabilities such as allowing the user to edit forage captured.
Wingsland drones

The S6 is perhaps one of the most popular Wingsland pieces. It weighs 250 grams and comes with a durable, solid construction. The S6 can be folded up easily for transport and it comes assembled so you do not have to do it yourself.

While the S6 is certainly more popular, the Minivet also has a lot to offer. The Scarlet Minivet comes embedded with a 3-axis gimbal that works to reduce flight vibration. It also supports point of interest which makes it easier to use.

The M5 comes with a host of features such as brushless motors, Real time and long range FPV video capabilities and additional features that were not included in the Scarlet Minivet.

This variety is Wingsland’s first ever racing quadcopter. Like most Wingsland drones, it has a futuristic design and all the bells and whistles you would find in a high-end quadcopter.

All of these wingsland drones for sale have one thing in common.

Bad reviews…

Everywhere you look at reviews for these drones they aren’t the best. The quadcopters themselves look absolutely brilliant, and they are a very high quality body build. It’s just the programming isn’t quite there yet.

Dji Mavic is a far superior drone.

Hopefully wingsland get there act together in the next few years as I would like to see these great looking drones in our sky’s.

They have great ideas. When the wingsland S6 came out it was the lightest 4k drone on the market. And some of it’s features hadn’t been released into the market yet.

Like the foldable feature.

Wingsland get these great ideas and bring them out to fast so they are the first to release them. When they should make them work better first and then release it.

But to be fair on wingsland even the most common drone brands have problems.

How many videos have you seen of a DJI going out of control or not returning home like it is supposed to? Plenty.

But they do offer a warranty and for the amount of quadcopters they sell compared to wingsland it isn’t as big of a problem.

I believe the drone industry as a whole do not offer exactly what they advertise. The self flight modes and object avoidance isn’t perfect yet and it will be scary when it is. These things will be able to reliably fly on there own with no pilot behind the remote.