Wingsland X1

Wingsland X1

Wingsland has just released a new drone called the Wingsland X1 drone.

Though this drone is absolutely brilliant for the price, wingsland as per usual are not very good at marketing and have made the mistake of advertising the drone as a racing drone when really it should have been released as a great hobby drone or even more suitable as a beginners drone.

Racing drones generally do not use WiFi first person view as it is to slow for the quick drone races.

Don’t let wingsland’s crappy promoting turn you away from the X1 drone though. It is a beast and probably the best drone you could get to learn on and even have fun none competitive races with.

Like all wingsland drones the x1 is build tough, really tough. All of their drone range is built to last a long time.

The X1 also has better features than a racing drone like the 360 flip, high quality (FPV) which you can view on a WiFi device like mobile or tablet, ground sensors to make sure you have a good landing every time and it is also a lot safer than a racing drone because of its attachable propeller guards. This also means you can fly it inside and outside! I wouldn’t try that with a racing drone unless you are highly experienced.

When the X1 was first released they were up around $180usd but now if you shop around you can get one for under $100 without all the extras.

Our drones for sale page has a link to the best place you can actually buy one of these drones from.

thanks for reading.

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