About us

Our Mission

To emerge as the Ultimate destination for the audience who wish to know, review & buy the gadgets, Drones – The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The project is responsible for providing quality & persuasive content to the given Focus group, helping them review the options and ultimately offering them a buying intent for these gadgets via our own project.

We aim to keep you informed!

Who are we?

We are a smart bunch of Drone enthusiasts with an infectious enthusiasm level and mutual love for pizzas.

How Are We Doing It

We have writers and reporters who can smell the fresh drone thoughts around and are on it the minute they get something new, so that you get to read crisp, short and informed news.

What are we aiming for?

To stand tall in the niche of Drones, to present a platform for the drone enthusiasts and pilots that we become the one and only dictionary for Drones.

What keeps us going?

Our passion for drones, and that goal for standing as the one in this niche with all required news.

Where are we on this journey?

We have started but we have started big. We have faced some tides but we are more than prepared for some high ones as well. But we will make it through

We started with an aim to excel, in whatever we do, wherever we reach.

Global Reader Base

We are aiming to be every drone fan’s best friend. we have got a strong reader base from ….  and we are continually striving for a large mass and audiance.