Drone Batteries Guide – All That You Want To Know About Them

For all the drone enthusiasts mere procuring of a drone is not enough! There’s lot more than just owning one!

Well, you need a set of other vital accessories including batteries, chargers, and Gimbals.
But how would one know which is the best battery for the drone? Oh, just sit back, relax and read this article. Here you can avail comprehensive information on drone battery.

1. Good Battery

What is a good battery like? Does it have an alarm or does it shines? This little article will help you understand every bit of your drone battery.
Well, to start with, a good battery is the one which enhances the flight time of your drone. It should charge in the shortest time period and should match up with the shelf life.

There has been a lot of batteries since their inception, the next point briefly talks about the different kind of batteries and the ones that are currently ruling the market.


When you start searching for sustainable UAV battery whether online or offline, you will be acquainted that LiPo batteries have a high demand in the market worldwide.

The Lipo battery is made up of individual cells where the metal and chemicals are fused together to get electrical energy. However, it is vital for you to note that each of the LiPo battery has their own voltage and capacity.
Some other types of batteries have also been used in the drone including nickel cadmium(NiCad) or nickel–metal hydride (NiMH. However, their heaviness is their disadvantage and they hold less energy. If you compare, Lipo batteries are much superior.


The performance of your drone, depend on your drone battery, the larger the battery the more will be the flight time.
Also, not all kinds of batteries will fit in your drone, you need to check the physical size of the battery, before going ahead with a battery change.


Do you know about the battery discharge C rating? Do you have a tendency to ignore it?Now this is one area where you need to be careful because this ignorance might lead to damages to the battery. The battery will not able to release appropriate energy into the drone.

“Batteries with higher C Rating are heavier which reduces the flight time”

4.1 Voltage Requirements

You already are aware that higher voltage will produce more energy allowing your drone to function better and for a longer period of time. But they are heavy as they contain more cells.
In order to find the maximum current you just have to look at the motor, trust date and compare its efficiency. They receive more energy using higher cell count liPos. However,some energy is lost due to its heavy weight.

The maximum voltage of the cell is 4.235V at 60ºC room temperature. However, if the temperature is lowered below 10º, then, in that case, the voltage will also drop down to 4.0V.If it goes beyond that the electrons will break chemical bonds and lithium combines with free oxygen.

4.2 Battery Current Outflow

Since you are a drone owner it becomes important to be acquainted with maximum current outflow and calculate it on a simple formula- It is done by multiplying battery capacity (Ah) with Discharge rate (C).

An example to quote:

Suppose you have 3 cells LiPo battery with a 10C rating which is about 5100mAh battery capacity. The first step is to convert 5100mAh to 5.1Ah and then multiply the same with 10C. Thus,the final result is (5.1 x 10) = 51A

Suppose you have 3 cells LiPo battery with a 10C rating which is about 5100mAh battery capacity.
Amp flow = Battery Capacity (Ah) * Discharge rate (C)
5100mAh to 5.1Ah
Current Outflow = 51A


You need to choose the battery depending on the capacity of the motors and ESC. As told you to look into the trust data of your motor for this process.

Suppose your drone weights about 2 kg keeping into account all the accessories and battery.Now it also depends on the length of the propeller so let us assume it to be 10 inches. Now when we will look at thrust table it comes to around 10A. And since there are 4 motors in all,the total current is 4×10=40A. Other devices can also have an impact on the flow of current but their effect is negligible.As far as the amount of capacity is concerned you need to get best maximum capacity. The thrust needs to be around 50% for every 500 grams of motor weight.

What are the other factors that have to be necessarily kept in mind?

1. Battery connectors. You need to find a good battery connector to help to swap batteries. The ones you will find areDeanscool placeXT60, and also EC3 connectors.

2. Temperature. Never charge your battery stored below 0ºC for it might explode. Store the battery in a coolplace before charging. Never leave the charger unattended.

How many batteries do I need to install?

Well, depends on how you are using your drone and its size. But it does not matter much.You can add additional battery just to provide safety to your UAV. Replace if one gets old.However, it reduces the charging capacity.

How can I safely store battery?

Always store your battery at 3.8V per cell and keep it half charged.
Keep it a fireproof location or better Lipo Safe back which is fire resistant Always store at room temperature.

How much time is needed to charge the battery?

Again it depends on the size of the battery and its power. Usually, it takes about an hour or two to charge the battery. You need to be careful while charging the battery.

Can I get my battery replaced?

Yes. You can get it replaced after you see that it has damaged. Please visit the online shopping sites that offer best in class battery that fits your drone.


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