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Everything You Need To Know About Drone Chargers

Drones are trending everywhere, their videos, their pictures and regulations everything is in the news. Only a drone fanatic knows the feeling of owning one!
But with drone comes a lot of care and accessories, battery chargers, the case, and oh! the gimbals and the propellers.

DJI Phantom 3 - 57W Battery Charger (Black)

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Cheerwing 3.7V 550mAh Lipo Battery (4PCS) with 4 In 1 Battery Charger for Syma X5SW X5 X5C X5C-1 RC Quadcopter...

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Keenstone 4 in 1 Battery Charger Hub for DJI Tello Drone Battery Charger(The Pictured Batteries are not Included)

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DJI USA & CA Phantom 3 Part 15 100W Battery Charger

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Holy Stone 5 in 1 Max 2.5A Current Input Fast Battery Charger for X5C, 818a,X1,X4,HS170,X300,X400,F181,F180 Quad Copter

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Well, this article solely focuses on drone chargers and gives you an insight into the good and the bad and the Do’s and Don’ts.

So keep reading!


Drone batteries need a good compatible charger that defines it longevity and performance, hence selection of a good drone charger is important.

Many brands have proprietor batteries that are compatible with the drone, hence these brands have their own compatible battery chargers. Usually, these chargers take a lot of time in charging the batteries. Hence switching to a different charger is not an issue but make sure to check the compatibility of the charger and the battery.


There is a flourishing market of drones which is all set to offer you all kinds of drones and their accessories, the task is to know which one is the best.

There are a plethora of options for you to choose from but you have to go for the one that is compatible with your drone batteries, safe to use, easy to carry around and that enhance your battery life. Keep reading on to get an insight into the How, What and Why of Drone Battery Chargers.



It is a process which checks the voltage of each cell and then maintains the voltage while charging. This is one critical point, to take care because if the required voltage drops or fluctuates then the batteries can get damaged or they can even catch fire.

The good part is the majority of the charger has balanced charging, so if your battery before charging wants balance lead to be plugged in then it assures of the balance charging function.

If you directly connect the charger then there might be a chance that your charger has doesn’t have the balance charging ability


When buying a charger for the first time, we would suggest on checking the compatibility of the charger with the batteries. Some cheap lipo charger support 2S or 3S lipo, whereas some fancy chargers might offer a range of 1S-6S lipo.


Most batteries will specify the charge rate in C rating, but what happens, some of the chargers specify the charge rate in Amps, which sometimes leads to confusion between two values.No need to worry, you just need to multiply your battery capacity with C rating to get the value in Amps.

For example-
Battery Capacity – 5100mAH;
Charge Capacity – 1C
So the maximum current we need to charge the battery will be –
5.1Ah x 1= 5.1A


There is a certain power output level, approximately 50W. This number basically represents the power which it can provide to the battery.
Hence having more power is better!


Most of the batteries have it inbuilt, but for the ones which do not have this inbuilt feature then you have to match this with your charger.


A) How to charge your Drone Batteries?-

• Plug the charger and the balance leads, between your battery and charger

• Select the needed LiPo balance charge

• Select the needed cell count voltage (recommended 1C)

• Start, and make sure you don’t leave it unattended.

B) How To Store Batteries & Charger Properly?

The best way to store your battery is when it is 40-50% charged.

Lipo Safe bag- These bags are an added accessory that you must want to have, in order to keep fire away.

C) How To Charge LiPo Batteries?

• Do not leave your battery on charge unattended

• Do not charge a damaged battery

• Always charge your battery at 1C or less

• Charge your batteries in a fire proof location or in lipo safe bags

• Ensure the number of cells and battery type is set correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I upgrade the battery that came with my drone?

Generally, all the mid-range batteries offer sub-par flying time, upgrading the battery will significantly increase the time per charge. Just keep a check on the drone’s maximum mAh (milliampere-hour), and see if the battery is compatible with it if not then you would want to look for another battery near the same mAh.

Why would I need an extra drone battery and charger?

It is always good to carry an extra battery and charger, it will help in the flight time of the drone. Generally, a battery’s flight time is 10-15min, having a fully charged spare battery will enhance the flight time.

How can I extend the battery life of my drone?

The best way to extend the life of your battery is to decrease the weight from your drone. Let your drones fly light and not the lug weight, attaching a GoPro or a camera will affect the battery life. The lighter the drone flight time, the longer will your battery will last.

Propellers will also help in adding life to your drones, but be careful in choosing propellers for your drones. As each drone has a different specification for propellers.

Which battery charger is right for me?

The majority of the leading drone making companies make proprietary batteries, which demands compatible battery chargers. Hence you should avoid using the wrong charger in order to keep your batteries safe.

Higher output charger is handy and useful as they allow charging of the battery in lesser time, this point is favorable when you are using to interchangeable batteries.

Top 5 Drone Battery Chargers

DJI Phantom 3 Battery Charger

  • Description
  • Compatibility
  • Automatically adjust the batteries charging sequence according to the batteries power level
  • Charge 3 batteries or 2 batteries and 1 remote controller at one time.
  • Input:100–240V 1.5A(MAX) 50/60HZ; Output:17.5v, 6A; 105W
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • All versions of Phantom 3 batteries and remote.

Quadpro 5 in 1 Hubsan x4 Battery Charger

  • Description
  • Compatibility
    • Smart:5 charging plugs in the unit that can be charge 5 batteries atthe same time
    • Voltage Spec:input- 5V&output-4.2V,Current output: 350mAh – 410 mAh
    • Indicator lights:Each charging position has an indicator light, and the indicator light at that position individually tells you when the battery is gives you a positive indication when any given battery is fully charged, the LED for that port turns off and you know it is ready.
    • Safety technical:Short circuit Protection with Over-Charge Protection (no need to babysit it)
  • Compatible models and Configures:
    1 charger, 1 USB cables,5 converting cables
    5 in 1 Battery Charger for Hubsan: H107 H107L H107C H107D.
    Wltoys Charger : V202 V252 V939. UDI: U816 U816A U818A.U830.
    JXD Charger : 385 388 392. Syma Charger : X5.X1 X5C.x5sw. FY Charger : FY310 FY310B .
    Holy Stone Charger: F180C M68 M68R(plus) M61 M62 M62R F180C F181 X300 X400 HS170 HS171 Quad
    JJRC: 1000A 1000B 5000. DFD: F180.

Bastens LiPo Battery Balance Fast Charger

  • Description
  • Compatibility
  • Includes: AR Drone 2 battery adapter; balance charger; and wall plug in power supply ( accepts 110 – 220 volts 50/60 Hz with USA plug style)
  • Charges Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 type LiPo batteries [ OR ] 2s 3s or 4s LiPo batteries via JST-XH balance plug
  • Charges faster than the stock Parrot brand charger with advanced max charging technology chipset (see graph) … how much faster? 45 min if balancing not needed and up to 60 min when balancing
  • 1000mA balance charge output at 30 Watts max – FOR CHARGING LIPO BATTERIES ONLY !!!
  • Balance Charger & Cell Checker 30w 2s~4s simple to use Lipoly charge unit that will balance charge 2s~4s lipoly batteries via the balance lead. Display shows total battery & individual cell voltage for your convenience

Holy Stone 5 in 1 Max 2.5A Current Input Fast Battery Charger

  • Description
  • Compatibility
  • For Professional and recreational use
  • Uses only the highest quality components
  • Tested for safety and durability
  • All versions of Phantom 3 batteries and remote.

DJI USA & CA Phantom 3 Part 15 100W Battery Charger

  • Description
  • Compatibility
  • For Professional and recreational use
  • Tested for safety and durability
  • Phantom 3