Best Drones Brands

Drones are basically small aerial vehicles which does not need an onboard pilot to fly it. Initially, drones were only used in the military for recon and surveillance but now, it has become a household toy for kids and adults alike. Moreover, people have started using drones in various fields of photography and videography. Drones are actually one of the best gadgets to shoot action sequences in movies or to take certain videos which are impossible to take by a handheld camera. These are just for drones having cameras on them, but there are also drones that don’t have cameras and are just used as a normal remote controlled toy for fun.

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Drones are among the best gifts that can be given to a kid. Even adults enjoy playing with it. Actually, military standard drones are never really available to the normal public. At first, it was just a dream for a normal person, but with advent of technology, this dream became true. Toy companies started creating drones for the normal public and in no time, it became a very popular toy. At the present, some of the top most companies that manufacture drones and gives normal people the joy of using them are:

  1. DJI

DJI is a leading company and maybe the most popular drone manufacturing company. It is a company djiheadquartered at Shenzhen in China. It offers a number of different drones for both recreational and commercial uses. The company is vast and has stores and manufacturing units all over the world. Its products are well reputed throughout the world.

Their success comes from the fact they promote creativity to the fullest. Every worker there is considered as a creator, and their ideas are used to manufacture the best drones for mankind. The creators and DJI gets ample opportunity and the tools necessary to turn their theoretical creation to practical marvels of the drone industry. They provide with the best workers and raw materials to the young creative talents that come to the company to innovate. DJI started with a single office with a handful of workers in 2006. At present, it is one of the largest manufacturers of drones with a workforce of over 3000 employees.

Its wide range of products include flight transmitters or controllers, flying cameras, aerial gimbals, flying platforms, handheld gimbals and ground stations. Its latest innovation, the Phantom series of drones is renowned all across the world. This series has taken the drone technology and its use to a whole new level.

  1. Parrot

This is another top drone manufacturing company. Started in the year 1994, by its founder, Henri Seydoux, Parrot mainly manufactures and markets a range of advanced products for professionals and consumers in the field of wireless technology. The main areas of interest for the company are:

  • Automotive: The company deals with the highest range of automotive technology in the fields of infotainment systems and hands-free communication available in the market.
  • Household Drones: Is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial drones meant for leisure & enjoyment, as well as professional use.
  • Connected Objects: It also deals with audio equipment and gardening products.

Headquartered in Paris, Parrot is the leading authority of drone manufacturing in France. It has a wide range of UAV related products starting from various types and sizes of drones & mini-quadcopters to various types of controllers and other additives. The latest and the most popular creations of Parrot in the field of mini-drones are Rolling Spider and Parrot Jumping Sumo, which has the newest and the most advanced technologies. In the field of medium sized drones, its latest innovation is the AR Drone 2.0 Elite Edition. It comes with a state of the art flight system including high definition cameras, smartphone syncing facilities, advanced controllers and lots more. Some of the new editions also come with GPS tracking and locating options which are very useful when it comes to lost drones.

  1. Walkera

This is another top China based company who has manufactured some of the most popular drones availableWalkera in the market. The name of the company has been derived from the phrase, “WALKING IN ERA AND TOWING THE TREND”. The main factory and headquarters of the company is located in the Panyu District of Guangzhou City. It has a number of top quality employees who toil day and night to provide the customers with the best UAV products. The products manufactured by Walkera ranges from radio transmitters and controllers to MAV’s or micro-aerial vehicles. Moreover, they offer, FPV facilitated products, gimbals and remote controlled models. Its latest and most popular drones are Walkera QRX800, QRX350 PRO, TALI H500, Scout X4 and Voyager 3.

  1. Syma

Syma is one of the most advanced producers of commercial drones in the world. They have unique designsSyma in drones. Started in 1961 by Marcel Strassle, the founder, it has turned into one of the leading companies producing drones in recent times. It offers a range of top UAV products including advanced state of the art drones like its X5 quadcopter, X5C, RC X1 quad, X3, X6 and much more. One of its recent productions, the Syma X4 is said to be the quietest drone there is.


The company, ShenZhen HUBSAN Technology was set up in the year 2010. So relatively, it is one of the HUBSANyoungest companies in the list of top drone companies. In its few years of working, it has risen to the top of the drone industry. The company’s main motive is to provide the world with the leading trends and innovate independently to ensure sure success of the company and also gain immense customer satisfaction. The main brains behind the whole manufacturing unit are the 30 young employees working in the R&D department of the company. It has developed a number of top ranked UAV products like mini-drones, helicopters, indoor drones, FPV enabled drones, commercial quadcopters and many more items like these. Its top products are the X4 Pro, X4 camera, X4, X4 brushless, FPV X4 and the Nano X4.