Best Drones under $200

Last update was on: November 28, 2022 4:56 pm

Drones are quite a sensation among kids and also adults. Most photograph enthusiasts are looking to buy the best drones for sale available to help them click pictures which might be quite impossible with a hand held camera. Drones form the base to multi-billion dollar industry in the US and it does cost a lot to get oneself a high quality drone.

Still, not all can afford these drones because of their budget. Moreover, expensive drones are a big ‘no-no’ for any beginner. One definitely does not wish to buy an expensive drone and crash it in the initial learning phase. Even some of the advanced fliers prefer to have low costing drones mainly because of their budget.

For the benefit of these customers, here are the top drones under $200.

Hubsan H107D Quadcopter

If a person is looking for a high end cheap drone having a FPV (first person view) facility and at the same time, not denting a hole in the wallet, this is the perfect choice. The drone comes for just $148.99 USD.

The Husban H107D is one the best quadcopters available at this low price. It has a flight time of 7-8 mins. The battery takes charges in about 30 mins and is charged by an USB charger. With the USB charger, one has the options to charge it from the computer, or wall charger or using anything that has an USB port.

The drone comes with an added auto cutoff safety feature, which helps the drone to avoid crashes and also avoids losing the quad. The quad has a high quality design and a hardy structure. Being a quad meant for beginners, this is a very important factor.

Though it is small and weighs less, it is quite sturdy and can take up quite a beating. Its body is made up of a lightweight but a very durable material. Studies show that a few crashes don’t inflict much harm to the quad but a few bent rotors cannot be avoided.

The controller is quite advanced with advanced camera properties. Not only can one see the live footage from the drone camera on the 4.3in LCD screen on the controller, but can also see the battery life used or left. For one to view the live image, they just need to insert a SD card into the quad to record and transmit.

Sky Viper Quadcopter

For drones less than $100, this is one of the best drones under $200 available in the market. Sky Rockets is known in the drone market for their innovative ideas and original designs and this drone doesn’t disappoint.

Also, this is not a small, cheap drone, diagonally from one blade to the other, it measures 16 inches. Moreover, the body is made from carbon fiber, one of the most durable and lightweight material.

Basically, this particular quad comes in 2 separate designs, which allows the user both indoor and outdoor flying. The carbon fiber body ensures safety from crashes. The drone comes with a foam bumper, meant especially for indoor flying.

The bumper ensures safety for the drone as well as the household items during the initial indoor practice sessions. On the outside, the foam bumper is not much needed and it is seen that the drone flies smoother and without much glitch without the bumper.

The durable body is quite lightweight but can withstand a considerable amount of beating without gaining anything more than a few scratches or maybe in some drastic cases, a bent propeller. The quad comes with some replacement propellers that can be easily attached using a screw driver.

The Sky Viper Quadcopter comes with advanced flight system at allows it to have a dynamic flight pattern and can go in all directions. Moreover, after one gets used to the controls and confident about flying this cheap drone, they can easily maneuver the drones to perform stunts. Barrel rolls and 360 spins are the most common stunts, but it is to be seen that there are no trees around.

Galaxy Visitor 2

The Galaxy Visitor 2 is one of the best drones that you can get under $200 & is priced below $140. It has a white upper body finish and the undercarriage is black. The propellers are colored black and orange, contrasting with the body. It is a compact drone, having GPS facility.

The GPS facility helps the drone to return on its own to the transmission point with the push of a button.

This is a very handy property, as in case the drone is lost, it’s quite hard to find. One can always choose to kill power and search for it themselves, but that takes time and in some cases, the drone might not be found. On the other hand, with this feature, one can just press a button and the drone will use the GPS tracking function and retrace its step back.

The Galaxy Visitor 2 has three different modes to fly in. These modes allow it to be used not only by beginners, but also experts, who look forward to manually handle the flight pattern and stability of the drone. All in all, this is one of the better quality drones to buy.

Galaxy Visitor 3

This model is an advanced version of the previous. The Galaxy Visitor 3 is one of the best quadcopters available below $200 benchmark. Priced just $40-$50 above the Galaxy Visitor 2, it has a combination of black and white colors, giving it a sophisticated look.

These are the best drones and tailor made for beginners. The basic controlling of the drone is quite easy. There is an additional property which limits the drone into flying a maximum of 2-3 meters from the controller.

This helps the beginner flier to control the drone easily and avoid any major accidents. This drone also has the return home button that the Galaxy Visitor 2 has, making it easier to fly.

The drone also comes with advanced flying options like altitude hold, which make it attractive to advanced fliers also. With additional camera options, one has the liberty to record videos and click pictures. The altitude hold property keeps the drone stable at certain height levels and allow stable and easy recording.