Drone Buying Guide – How to Choose Right Drone!

Drones are small unmanned aerial vehicles also called UAVs which are being used in current scenarios for all sorts of purposes. Drones these days can function on land, air, and water as well.

A drone with the camera is the most sought-after gadget ever since their invention and availability. Being a highly specified and dedicated technological creation best drones can perform specialized and concentrated activities that too in a variety of areas.

The type of functions performed by drones is quite astonishing as it can perform all sorts of possible tasks. A drone might be used for recreational purposes by hobbyists, military purposes, spying etc. A drone with a camera is widely used for aerial photography purposes.

This aerial photograph experience by a drone is extremely stunning which allows the capturing of a lot of scenic situations which were almost impossible to record before drones came into existence.

With the increasing utility and passion for drones, the issue regarding the selection of the best quadcopter is troubling the seekers. How to choose the best drone with a camera, drones for kids or which drone is the best to buy are all sorts of questions which might strike you and hinder your process to choose the best drone.

No Worries at all because our team of experts and drone enthusiasts has solved the issue of sorting best drones for sale. Here presenting a drone-buying guide for all those who love drones and wish to own the best quadcopter. We know the value of your expenditure and thus here are the best drones for sale. After reading this article, you will be very clear regarding the best drone which not just relaxes your wallet but also suits your purpose to the fullest.

Top Drones Companies

Due to the popularity and increasing utility of drones, a number of companies have been indulged into drone manufacturing. Drone manufacturers have been trying to discover new add-ons for drones and are competing vigorously in the promoting the best drones for sale. However, there are certain companies who have successfully established their names in the field of drones and are continuously in the attempt to present the best drone to by for the drone fraternity.

1. DJI

Da-Jiang Innovations Science and Technology Co. Ltd. also called DJI is a Chinese UAV Manufacturer. It is a leading name in the manufacturing of drones, flight controllers, and gimbals. DJI has successfully established itself as the most reliable leader in the field of drones. It has its headquarters in Guangdong, China and works with a number of 3300 employees who are all dedicated to serving the best to the world. It is prominently known for its Phantom series which captures a major stake in the drone-sales worldwide.


Parrot is a France-based manufacturer of wireless products. It is engaged in the production of a variety of wireless products including drone with a camera. The company is a very strong competitor of DJI in the production of best drones to buy. Parrot has been constantly innovating quality techniques to make its product better and thus it is among the top drone companies.

It is also a shareholder at few drone startups like EOS Innovation, Micasense, Airinov, and Iconem thus encouraging the drone technology. It’s products like Parrot Bebop and Parrot A.R Drone are widely preferred drones for sale. Parrot is soon launching a highly advanced range of drones including the Parrot Airborne, Hydrofoil and Jumping Night which will be capable of ruling all land, air, and water.


Syma toys Industrial Co. Ltd is one well-known drone company associated with designing, manufacturing, and trading of drones. The company pronounces to possess qualified technology for carrying out research regarding the drones and bringing some finest drones for sale in the market. Syma’s products like the Syma X5C have already impressed the domain and the company is all committed to keeping the ratio increasing.


Blade is a product concerning the hobbyist and is owned by the Horizon Hobby. The blade range of drones is an extremely liked and used product. This is because the drone offers few such features including SAFE which make drone flying very smooth and safe. Its product Blade Nano QX is a widely appreciated beginner drone which is very well used to transform from a beginner to a professional.


Hubsan is a China based drone manufacturer which has now become one of important and desirable drone producer. The name can be well recognized due to its products like the Hubsan X4 and its various versions like the H107, H107L, H107C etc. The company is now a popular name among the household drone users and hobbyists due to its excellent features and affordable prices.

6. UDI

UDI RC Toys is a name which has recently entered the domain but has already started to gain some good reviews and responses. This emerging company has impressed the world with its product UDI U840 Mini Drone. The company is thought to be very efficient and a professional manufacturer which is expected to lead the market in near future.

Types of Drones

UAVs popularly known as Drones are RC controlled flying quadcopters. The classification of drones has no determined standards however our team has somehow segregated drones on the basis of certain parameters. Our efforts and procedure are focused on presenting a details categorization so as to make it simple for you to judge your requirement as per the expectations and further own the best drone for sale.

1. Size

Size matters and the same apply for drones too. A drone might function differently for different purposes due to the size variations. Hence, the drones can be classified into small, medium and large drones on the basis of size.

  • Small Drones
  • Medium Drones
  • Large Drones

Drones in small size category generally are the size of a large insect to bit large and thus are named as mini drones, nano drones, micro drones etc. These drones are not bigger than 2m. These kinds of drones are small in size, the reason for their usage into spying. Most of these have fixed wings and a small body. It is because of their size that they have to be thrown into the air and then flown. Some such drones include The RQ7 which is mainly used for military purposes. One more prominent and efficient drone in this category is the Turkish Bayrakter which weighs just 5 kg but has an extremely astonishing range of 20km.

Medium sized drones are quite large than the mini drones but smaller than the aircraft. Such drones can carry weights of up to 200kg and depict an average wingspan of 5-10m. It is due to their size and weight that single person is not capable enough to carry it. Certain examples for this category are UK Watchkeeper and Israeli-US Hunter.

Large drones generally have a size of a mini aircraft. They are mainly used for military facilities where sending normal jets controlled by men can be life-taking. The scope of these kinds of drones includes spying and surveillance over active areas that are risky. Large drones are the ones used for specific purposes and not recreation, neither business.

2. Range

Another way to classify drones which is also adopted by the US Military is to classify them according to the performance and functioning. Drones have some distinct flying range and further special abilities which aid to place them into specific categories and therefore, presenting one such classification below.

  • Close Range Drones
  • Mid Range
  • High Range Drones

Drones can be further differentiated on the basis of the range provided by them. This category of drone depicts a flying range of 5-150km. Their battery powers vary and so dies their flight time. The initial ones in the category can be flown for 2—45 minutes, further the flight time increases to a maximum of 6 hours. The finest ones in this category which can be flown from about 150 km depict a flight time of 8-12 hours. The purpose of these types of drones is confined to a specific task which is to carry out surveillance missions.

This type of drones are extremely efficient and offer an incredible flight range of 650 km. These kinds of drones have a very high fly time and are used for purposes of military surveillance and accumulating meteorological data. Their range and wonderful flight time make them very desirable.

These best drones are the top most in the categorization process. These drones can also be called mini-aircrafts and they offer a flight time of 36 hours. They can be taken to a height of 30,000ft above the sea level and there are no further feet possible for a drone. Their usage may vary but primarily these are used for surveillance on a large scale.

Important Things to Consider While Buying a Drone

There are important factors which you might have definitely come across while thinking to buy the best drone. A drone can be excellent with its flight time but less active with the camera options. Much more such ifs and buts can be encountered and thus the remedy to such issues are to prioritize the needs and factors mandatorily sought in the drone. Our team has brought together all the factors to be kept in check. Read the factors and decide the significant aspects to select the best drone for sale.

1. Flight Time:

The very first question regarding a drone is the flight time offered by it. Drones offer a wide range of flight time depending upon their power sources. A drone offers an average flight time of 10 minutes. However there also are drones which can be flown for 25-28 minutes. DJI Phantom 4 which is the latest drone in the market has a flight time of 28 minutes making it one very efficient drone. A drone pilot or an aerial photographer looks for long flight time drones to serve their respective purposes. A long flight time may render time for a camera to capture quality images.

2. Camera Quality:

Since Aerial Photography is one very prominent usage of drones, Camera is a priority element considered while buying the best drone with camera. A drone with camera quality is far more appealing than the general one. A drone camera can produce images and videos of 720p, 1080p or even UHD 4K quality depending upon the funds invested. Gimbals, image stabilization and controls are also considered along with the camera feature.

3. Accessories:

A drone can certainly not be flown without the accessories such as the battery propellers, backpacks and lot more.

The source of power to a drone is the battery integrated with it. The functioning of a drone is powered by a battery and so the battery is a crucial issue to be thought of. Your usage will lead to the kind of battery which is most appropriate for your purpose.

Indoor flying does not focus on high-power battery while the drones for aerial photography will need long-lasting battery strengths. The practical usage however, is affected by the weather and the way of flying still, this aspect is a must to be looked upon.

Propellers are another flying necessity of a drone so make sure you choose the finest one. Portability of a drone is a fundamental component.

You cannot be just confined to indoor flights and the urge to fly high in the sky takes you to the question of backpacks. Recommended is a strong and spacious backpack to make the experience soothing and less complex.

4. Additional Features:

A drone might offer certain additional features making an add-on to the drone and making it more desirable. Features like GPS, FPV are certain bonus features which make a drone highly professional and capable to surpass all other companions.

5. RC Range:

Flying a drone is a passionate activity and restrictions amidst your excitement will let you down. Flying a drone outdoor takes you to the mandatory consideration of the Remote Controller Range. There are also certain guidelines from FAA to maintain a drone into sight while flying. Keeping in mind, all these things, one should be very careful with the range offered while buying a drone.

6. Weight & Size:

This can be one significant aspect to be studied before buying a drone. Drones are available in different sizes and weights. This affects the working and performance of the drones and thus is a vital perspective.

7. Price:

Last but not the least; the very basic issue is your budget. There are drones available for whatever budget you claim. There is an elaborate narration for a range of the best drones within $100, within $250, with $500, within $1000 or above $1000 ahead in this article. Make sure you operate into a worthy deal and own the most suitable drone within your budget.

Recommended Drones [Editor’s Pick] :

The fundamental aspect of expenditure is the budget. One needs to be careful while investing so as to gain the finest returns on investment. If a product is worthy, the pleasure offered by it is doubled. Thus, our team has produced a list of drones under different budget lines to make it easy for you to choose a drone which suits your wallet and is integrated with the best features.

Best Drones Under $100

Syma X5C – 1

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Syma X5C-1 is a 2 pound weighing flying camera drone which has built-in-gyro. This budgeted drone lets you to perform aerial photography and further store the images and videos too. It has a flight speed of 51 km/h and is able to be flown for tenure of 7 minutes. The drone’s power source is a 3.7V 500 Mah Li-Po battery.

Dimensions12.2 x 12.2 x 3.1 inches
Battery3.7V 500 Mah Li-Po battery
Transmission4-channel, 2.4GHz frequency
Flight Speed7 Minutes
Weight2 pounds
Flight Speed32mph / 51kmh
Loop Function360 degree e-version

Blade Nano QX

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This is a tiny toy drone which is all ready to fly through narrow lanes due to its small size and the blade guards which provide a safer sense of flight. The drone weighs just .58 ounce and has a flight time of 7-8 minutes. The manufacturer has installed a feature named Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope (SAFE) which further renders a sense of safety to the pilot while flying the drone.

Dimensions14.1 x 8.4 x 4.5 inches
Battery3.7V 25C Li-Po battery
Transmission4-channel, 2.4GHz DSM2 transmitter
Motors6 mm brushed cordless motors
Rotors4 Rotors with extra Rotor blades.
Battery life7/8 Minutes
Weight.58 ounce

Ei-Hi S333 Mini Gallop Drone

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This drone is the world’s smallest flying drone and therefore comes in the category of mini-drones. It has a flight time of 4-8 minutes. The 360-degree e-version makes this tiny creature much adorable. The drone has a flight range of 30 m which makes it a fun to fly.

Dimensions12.2 x 12.2 x 3.1 inches
Transmission4-channel, 2.4GHz frequency
Flight Time4-8 Minutes
Loop Function360 degree flips
CategoryMini Drone
RC Distance30 meter

Hubsan X4 (H107C)

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Hubsan is a well-known name in the industry of drones and its product Hubsan X4 is its leading representative to the market. Hubsan X4 H107C is a one desirable camera drone which is promising enough to appeal its lovers. This drone is of the size of a fist and the 2MP 720p camera makes it more amazing. The flight time of 7 minutes and the flight modes are certain additional features which make this tiny drone, a prominent leader in its category.

Camera2MP HD Video Camera
Transmission4-channel, 2.4GHz frequency
Flight Time7 Minutes
Loop Function360-degree acrobatic flips and rolls.
Battery3.7V, 380 Mah lithium-polymer battery
Flight Modes2 – Expert and Normal
StorageMicro SD card upto 64 GB

Best Drones Under $250

UDI – 818 – HD RC

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This is a flying camera drone with a 2MP HD Camera that is able to capture and record quality images and videos. The drone if lost can reach back to the starting point due to a feature integrated to it. The drone has a front facing camera and the battery alarm which alerts you when the Battery is low. The drone has a flight time of 7-9 minutes and weighs .26 lbs.

Flight Time7-9 Minutes
Camera2MP HD Camera
Dimensions13 x 13 x 3 inches
Transmitter4-Channel, 2.4GHz transmitter
Weight4.6 ounces
Battery2 x 3.7V 500mAh Li-Po
Charging Time90-120 mins

Ionic Stratus Drone

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An amazing tiny drone which has a one—switch roll function making it irresistible in this budgeted category. The drone is nowhere less than its competitors when it comes to flight time. The drone can be flown for a maximum span of 10 minutes and that too in a range of 150 meters. The drone weighs .26 lbs and is very fine in its flight.

Flight Time10 Minutes
Dimensions50.5 x 18 x 21cm
Flight Range150 Meters
Transmitter4-channel, 2.4GHz with LCD screen
Weight0.26 lb
Stability6-Axis Gyro

Hubsan X4 H107D

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One of its companion gained position in the previous section and now its Hubsan X$ H107D which is a step ahead of its predecessor. The drone offers a video transmission figure of 5.8 GHz. The device on a complete charge for 30 minutes renders a flight time of 7-8 minutes which can be recommended as very reasonable. The live video range of 100m and an efficient camera of .3MP complement each other to bonus aerial photography.

Flight Time7 Minutes
Flight Range50-100 Meters
Motor0820 Coreless
Transmission4-channel, 2.4GHz with 4.3 inches LCD screen
Camera0.3 MP
Stability6-Axis Gyro
Live Video Range100 Meter
StorageMicro SD
Product Dimensions8.5 x 5.5 x 9 inches
Weight12.8 ounces

Holy – Stone – F181 – RC

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This drone manufacturer is known for its professionalism is the drone sector and once again the set benchmark is Holy-Stone-F181-RC. The 2MP HD Camera and the excellent design of the drone make it quite stunning and a must buy in this category. The flight time of 7-9 minutes and a range if maximum 100 m is its additional and useful characteristics and thus this drones gains place in our list of best drones under $250.

Weight14 ounce
Flight Range50-100 Meters
Dimensions12.2 x 12.2 x 3.7 inches
Transmitter4-channel, 2.4GHz with LCD screen
Battery3.7V 750 Mah
Stability6-Axis Gyro
Flight Time7-9 Minutes

Best Drones Under $500

DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone

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DJI being the leader of the drone industry is known for its extremely efficient products and DJI Phantom Aerial UAV is on such masterpiece. This ready to fly drone is a promising product and has an additional GPS function making it more demanding. The drone has a flight time of maximum 12 minutes and the weight of 2.2 pounds felicitate the user with a smooth and stable flight.

Weight2.2 pounds
Dimensions8 x 17 x 17 inches
Flight Time10-15 Minutes
Max. Flight Speed22 miles/hour
ControlNaza-M V2
Range300 meters
Flight Modes2- GPS Attitude and Attitude Control Mode

Parrot AR Drone

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Parrot AR Drone is one absolutely stunning product by Parrot. The drone can be bought in three versions namely the Snow, Jungle and Sand-interesting names! The drone offers an astonishing flight time of 15-18 minutes and the weight of the drone is 31 g making the flight very reliable.

Weight31 g
Dimensions77.7 x 38.3 x 12.5 mm
Motors4 Brushless in runner motors
ControlNaza-M V2 Controller
Flight Time15-18 Minutes

Parrot Bebop

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Parrot is a profound drone manufacturer and Parrot Bebop is one if the wonderful products which has always captivated he drone enthusiasts. The drone functioning from android and iOS devices and the design of the drone makes it a highly advantageous and lucrative product in this category.

Weight31 g
Flight Time15-18 Minutes
Dimensions77.7 x 38.3 x 12.5 mm
Motors4 Brushless inrunner motors

Parrot A.R. Drone 2.0 Power Edition Quadcopter

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Parrot has successfully produced incredible products and the Parrot A.R. Drone 2.0 Power Edition as the name itself indicates is a very powerful drone. The drone works on a 1500 Mah vigorous battery providing it extraordinary strength to operate. The camera is able to generate 720P videos and images and the drone is thus fully loaded and highly influential.

Weight4 Pounds
Dimensions77.7 x 38.3 x 12.5 mm
Motors4 Brushless in runner motors
Range50 Meters
Flight Time15 Minutes
Battery1500 Mah 2 Batteries

Best Drones Under $1000

DJI Phantom 2 V 2.0

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This RTF drone is one extremely efficient and extensively looked for a product from DJI. The drone needs least assembling time and further, this 1000g weighing drone delivers high-quality functioning. The drone has a 5200Mah strong battery making it able to fly for almost 25 minutes. The drone is all over a worthy deal.

Transmission6-channel, 2.4 GHz WI-Fi transmitter
Dimensions29 x 29 x 18 cm
Flight Time25 Minutes
Max. Tilt Angle35 Degree
Max. Flight Speed15m/s
RC Range1000 meters

DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter

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DJI Phantom series have always amazed the market with its features and this DJI Phantom 3 Advanced is truly advanced than all of its previous versions. The drone comes with a quality 12 MP camera specifications and a flight time of 23 minutes which collectively serve incredibly for aerial photography.

Camera12 MP
Video2.7K Video (2704 x1520) in H.264
Flight Time23 Minutes
Maximum Altitude6000 meter above sea level
Frequency50 GHz
Range5 km
Shooting ModesSingle shots, Burst shooting, Timing shots
Battery4480 Mah LiPo
Mobile AppDJI Pilot

XIRO Xplore Aerial UAV Quadcopter

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XIRO is an emerging player in the industry however its product XIRO Xplorer Aerial UAV has already gained a major stake in the best drones under $1000. This drone weighs 5693 g and has a flight time of 25 minutes. The drone is integrated with a 5200 Mah battery and has a flying range if 500m. The drone allows certain impressive shooting modes with its 14 MP camera which makes this drone highly sought-after by the aerial photography lovers.

Dimensions375.9 mm x 353.0 mm x 162.6 mm
Weight5693 g
Video1080p/30fps and 720p/60fps
Battery5,200-mAh lithium polymer battery
Flight Time25 minutes
Shooting ModesBurst shooting, Timing shots
RC Range500 meter

DJI Phantom 2 Vision + v3.0

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DJI continuously tries to update its versions a DJI phantom 2 Vision + V3.0 is an addition to the built legacy. This 1242g drone is has a flight time of 25 minutes. The 14 MP camera and the range of maximum 700 m impresses the photography domain.

Dimensions17 x 8.1 x 12.5 inches
Video1080p/30fps and 720p/60fps
Battery5200mAh LiPo Battery
Flight Time25 minutes
Camera14 MP
RC Range500 meter-700 meter

Best Drones Above $1000

Yuneec Q500 Typhoon Quadcopter

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This high-quality drone with its wide range of outstanding features is a successful drone in the category of best drones above $1000. The 12 MP camera, 3 axis gimbal, quality slow motion videos in 1080p/120 fps and the capability of generating UHD videos makes this drone exceptionally valuable.

Camera12MP, 3-axis- gimbal camera
UHD Video4K/30fps
Slow Motion Video1080p/120fps
Max. Flying Height121.9 m from ground
Weight3.7 lb / 1.7 kg
Flight Time25 Minutes
Dimension8.8 x 3 x 7.1 inches
Battery5400 Mah Li Po

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter

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DJI Phantom 3 Professional is an updated version of the advanced and this is due to certain additional features provided by this high-quality camera drone. The drone pursues a vision positioning system which is an improved feature associated in the phantom series. The GPS grants a smooth flight which nevertheless makes it one desired drone camera.

Camera12.4 MP
Video4K Video-3 axis gimbal
Flight Time23-25 Minutes
Weight1280 g
Image Max. Size4000 x 3000
StorageMicro SD upto 64 GB
Shooting ModesSingle shots, Burst shooting, Timing shots etc.

DJi Inspire 1

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DJI’s finest policy making regarding the aerodynamics and customer satisfaction is very well depicted by this high end device. DJI Inspire 1 has a flight time of 18 minutes and a can fly up to a maximum speed of 22 m/s. The 12.4MP camera and effective shooting modes generates a mesmerising aerial photography experience.

Max Flight Time18 Minutes
Max Speed22 m/s
Weight2935 g
Image Max. Size4000 x 3000
StorageMicro SD upto 64 GB
Shooting ModesSingle shots, Burst shooting, Timing shots etc.
Battery4500 mAh
Camera12.4 MP

Walkera Tali H500 RTF5 Hexacopter

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This drone is placed in this list of best drones above $1000 due to the extreme quality features and specifications as pursued by this drone. The transmitter of this drone provides a 5 inch LCD screen to track the motion of the drone. The flight range of 1 km and flight time of 20-25 minutes lends it an additional section of drone-seekers.

Transmission12 channel
Transmitter5 inches LCD screen
RC Range1 km
Dimensions335 x 335 x 275mm
StorageMicro SD upto 64 GB
Shooting ModesAuto Exposure, Burst shooting, Timing shots etc.
Battery22.2V 5400mah Li-Po battery
Flight Time20-25 Minutes

Drones Which Fulfill Your Needs

Drone seekers might be of different experience levels, might seek drones for a variety of purposes and further many more classifications can be adopted for drones. In order to reach these expectations, we have listed few needs that are sought to be fulfilled by drones and also the finest possible drone for respective purposes. Read and find out which drone will be the best for your purpose.

Drone for Aerial Photography

Drones are widely in demand for the purpose of aerial photography. Enthusiasts, experts or beginners are all desiring drone to click pictures from the sky and this has increased the rate of drone sale. One best product for drone Photography is DJI Phantom 4 which has been recently introduced in the market. The drone is undoubtedly a worthy deal and a must buy for the aerial photography purposes.

1. 3DR Solo

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Flight Time25 Minutes
Height400mRange 1 mile
Transmission720p Live HD Video Transmission
Camera4k videos
AdditionalGPS, FPV

2. Blade Chroma

DJI is also well-known for certain drones which excel in the field of aerial photography. These include DJI Phantom 2, DJI Phantom 3 Advanced, DJI Phantom 3 Professional etc.

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Camera1080p at 50fps
Battery3 cell Li-Po Battery
Flight Time30 Min
AdditionalGPS, FRV

Drone For Beginners


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Drone for Experts

An expert needs a drone which he could fly without any kind of compromises. We understand the wants of a professional with a drone and thus after deep study and analysis; we have come up with the best drone for experts and that is Yuneec Q500 Typhoon.


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Max Flight Time18 Minutes
Max tilt angle35 degree
Weight2935 g
Dimensions438x451x301 mm
StorageMicro SD upto 64 GB
Shooting ModesAuto Exposure, Burst shooting, Timing shots etc
Battery6000 mAh LiPo 2S


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Photo14 Megapixel Still Image
Video1080/30p or 1080/60i
Dimensions29 x 29 x 18
Flight Time25 Minutes
FOV140 ° / 120 ° / 90 °
Shooting ModesSingle shots, Continuous shots, Timing shots
Max. Flight Speed15m / s
Battery11.1V 5200mAh LiPo battery

Final Verdict

Drone enthusiasts and lovers have been increasing in numbers with time and so is the need to sort their issues regarding the buying if a drone. I am sure that going through this drone-buying guide might have cleared your thoughts and all sorts of your problems before buying a drone. Now, all you got to do is ascertain your demands, find the most suitable drone from this list and enjoy the drone-pleasure forever!

Are you searching for drones for sale & considering buying one? Well, here comes an ultimate guide that’ll guide you through all steps so as to buy yourself a drone.