DJI Mavic Pro Review – A Sneak Peek at DJI’s New Foldable Drone

DJI has once again set the bar high for unmanned aerial vehicles! DJI, known for its Phantom series, prides itself with their newest and first ever compact drone: The Mavic Pro. Portable, durable, and accessible are some qualities that the new Mavic Pro promises to drone users all over the world. Will the Mavic Pro live up to our expectations? Let’s find out!

DJI Mavic Pro 4K Quadcopter with Remote Controller, 2 Batteries, with 1-Year Warranty - Gray

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Inside the Box

  • 1 x Mavic Pro Aircraft
  • 1 x Lithium ion Intelligent Flight Battery
  • 1 x Gimbal cover
  • 1 x Remote Controller
  • 3 x Propeller Pair
  • 1 x Gimbal Clamp
  • 1 x AC Charger
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 1 x Micro SD Card (16GB)
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x RC Cable (Lightning connector)
  • 1 x RC Cable (Standard Micro USB connector)
  • 2 x RC Cable Slider
  • 1 x MAVIC PRO In the Box Manual
  • 1 x MAVIC PRO Quick Start Guide Manual
  • 1 x MAVIC PRO Disclaimer and Safety Guidelines Manual
  • 1 x MAVIC PRO Intelligent Flight Battery Safety Guidelines Manual


  • Smartphone app controlled
  • 4K video at 30fps and full 1080p HD at 96fps
  • 12-megapixel camera with Adobe DNG RAW support
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • 27 minute flight time per charge
  • Obstacle Avoidance combined with Sensor Redundancy
  • 4.3 miles (7 km) range
  • Sport Mode (for Drone Racing)
  • Updated version of DJI’s Active Track
  • Terrain Follow Mode and Tripod Mode
  • Vision positioning paired with GPS and GLONASS
  • 1.64 pounds

Here is the official video of Mavic Pro !!!

10 Reasons to Buy DJI Mavic Pro

1. Ready to Take-off!

While unboxing, you don’t really have to do much. DJI Mavic is ‘ready to fly’ drone. Folding it by getting two arms in front & two arms from the back would make half the job done & double pressing the power button would do the rest. There is absolutely nothing else that is needed here and your drone is ready to touch the heights.

2. Responsive Remote Controller

The Remote Controller that comes along with the DJI Mavic Pro has an amazing responsiveness to your touch & this is nothing less than a treat to drone enthusiasts as it eases up the process of flying the drone to a great extent.

Also, for flying purposes, the controller makes it way simpler being foldable to be handled fine. Though the DJI app can also be used for controlling the drone flying but these mini foldable controllers being pocket-friendly are very convenient to use. The built-in screen displays the important measures such as speed & altitude so to keep you updated. In case of the FPV, you have to make sure that it is connected with your smartphone.

3. Design

The DJI Mavic Pro is surprisingly small for the features it carries. Unlike most drones available today, the Mavic Pro can fit inside your bag, similar to the size of a water bottle. Its propellers are designed to fold in without the need of using tools.

It is neatly tucked in by swinging the two front arms back and flipping the rear limbs down towards the drone’s main body. Despite having the feature of swinging the propellers back in place, the Mavic Pro is a durable drone.

This is great for people who are better off having the portable equipment. Also, there’s no need to purchase a special case for Mavic Pro since it can fit in your bag easily. Another noteworthy point of the DJI Mavic Pro is its minimalistic design, as seen on its sleek metal gray exterior.

4. Flying Time

You would think that the DJI Mavic Pro would cut corners because of its reduced size, but when it comes to its average flight time, this drone can run for an average of 27 minutes.

However, one of the features that would shorten your Mavic Pro’s flight time is the Sports Mode. The more features you use, the more it uses up your battery, the shorter your flying time would be.

But given this info, 27 minutes is actually good compared to other drone models in the market.

5. ​Ease of Use

DJI makes sure that the Mavic Pro would be a great buy regardless if you are an experienced drone pilot or you are just starting out.

Starting with the Terrain Follow Mode option, newbie pilots would be able to experiment on controlling the drone without worrying about crashing it. During this mode, the Mavic Pro uses its obstacle sensors to have a steady altitude above the ground.

Another key feature is the Tripod Mode which can be very helpful to both experienced and new drone users who would like to take videos and photos. The Tripod Mode will help in stabilizing the camera, letting you take great photos and videos as if the drone is on a flat surface.

This would be great for getting that perfect shot, regardless of certain elements like the terrain and weather that your drone is facing. Obstacle Avoidance and Sensor Redundancy keeps your drone safe from unexpected objects coming into contact with it.

This gives you a lot of headroom to concentrate on filming or taking pictures. In case you lose sight of your drone, you can easily locate it using GPS and GLONASS technology. The best part is, there are multiple contingency options for the Mavic Pro in case one of those security features fails.

6. Controls

Controlling Mavic Pro is pretty easy. If you have opted to go for the full package, you would get a remote similar to the size of a regular game console controller. You have the option to mount your iPhone or Android smartphone to it, which would give you a live feed of your drone.

If you decide to purchase the base package which doesn’t have a controller, you can still use your smartphone to control your drone, albeit with a shorter control range.

Your maximum operating range would be cut down to 0.6 miles (1 km) and puts down the speed at 9mph. It will be advisable to get the full package since the controller would let you navigate your drone using a joystick, making you feel like piloting a real airplane.

7. Usability

Given its size, the Mavic Pro packs features that are available to average-sized drones. You can shoot videos in 4K at 30fps, 1080p videos at 96fps, and 720p videos at 180fps. If you are shooting a film about nature or someone’s special event, you’ll be getting very detailed material. As for stills, you are given a 12MP camera that supports raw images in Adobe DNG format.

It’s also packed with security features like Terrain Follow Mode and Obstacle Avoidance, which would protect your drone from crashing into other objects. You can control the Mavic Pro up to 4.3 miles or 7 km using its propriety controller and up to 0.6 miles (1 km) if you are using your smartphone. Sport Mode is available if you’d like to participate in Drone Racing. The Mavic Pro is designed to be user-friendly and portable so you’ll never go wrong with getting this model.

8. Intelligent Flight Modes

The drone comes equipped with intelligent modes that don’t need the owner’s instructions. The latest drone from DJI is a ‘ready to fly’ machine. You don’t even need any propeller adjustment in this one. With an access to the DJI Go app, you have been given use the launch controls & if not that, then bring the two sticks together on manual controls & take the lead. Mavic lets you do it all.

9. Active Track Functionality

The DJI Mavic offers a distinguished feature named Active Track Functionality. This makes the drone all the way more reliable than its competitors. One may fear with the drone crashing but Mavic’s avoidance controls handle it up just fine.

With active tracking, all you have to do is set the target that you wish to get tracked & then choose out of the ‘Trace’ ,’profile’ or ‘spotlight’ option. With these options, you get the liberty to track the object from behind / front (track), it can follow the object alongside (profile) or if you want, the camera shall be keeping a track of the given object irrespective of where it flies. Now such features are pretty rare in drones otherwise.

10. Other Notable Features

The Mavic Pro can also be used with the newly introduced DJI Goggles. The experience is similar to using a VR Headset. Using two 1080p monitors (for both your eyes), you can view the live feed of your Mavic Pro drone. You can use it to get a clear view of your videos or photos. It’s also great to use during drone races. You’ll be amazed by the crystal clear display of the picture if you ever get your hands on it!

Taking selfies with your drone is now a reality. By using hand gestures, the DJI Mavic Pro can track your movement and take pictures without using a controller or smartphone. You can also use the gesture recognition feature to have the Mavic Pro follow you– an option that might be more convenient in certain situations in which you cannot access your controller.

DJI Mavic doesn’t offer Lightbridge. Instead, it works with Ocusync which offer greater reliability in the camera quality. It is due to the Ocusync that DJI Mavic is able to stream 100p feed to a distance of 4.3 miles.

Apple iPhone and Android smartphones also have the option to control your drone in different ways. The best feature would be to set waypoints for your drone to fly to.

The Good

  • Foldable and portable
  • Lightweight
  • Long flight time
  • Can be controlled using the propriety controller or your own smartphone
  • Can shoot high-resolution photo and 4K videos using its 12mp camera
  • Security Features that are designed for both veteran and newbie drone pilots

The Bad

  • Toy-like material
  • No fixed focus
  • Camera cannot be removed
  • Controlling with your smartphone limits your signal distance to 1 km
  • Priced higher than larger drones

Key Takeaways

Mavic Pro is designed for quick launch and saves you the trouble of mounting propellers before a flight. Just imagine a quadcopter that can be folded easily and compressed into a size of a water bottle! The possibilities are endless for this drone.

Portability is not the only feature this quadcopter can offer, more so it’s a powerful one too. With its light and durable airframe added with their state-of-the-art power and battery system, its users can pilot the Mavic Pro up to 27 minutes.

It is also user-friendly and can be controlled by a long range remote controller or by your smartphone at shorter range. Additionally, the New Flight Autonomy System enables the Mavic Pro to cope with various complex 3D environments. There are also smart features like ActiveTrack and TapFly which helps in effortlessly making professional-looking videos, especially for first-time users. So if you’re on-the-go and looking for a quadcopter that is not only portable but powerful, look no further!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DJI Mavic heavier like, the other drones from DJI?

DJI Mavic is way lighter and smaller as compared to Phantom 4. Due to its foldable design, it is very easy it carry it anywhere.

By any chance, will the folding mechanism need replacement?

No, it has been tested very well. It is very unlikely to happen.

Can I Zoom in while flying the drone?

Yes, absolutely! Mavic supports Zooming upto 2X.

When in transit, should one Take Off the Propellers?

No. That won’t be needed. You can simply fold up the propellers and you’re good to go!

The Final Verdict

Are you looking for a portable drone that fits your active lifestyle? Then this drone is the perfect match for you. The DJI Mavic Pro is lightweight and has a powerful battery that enables you to shoot professional-like videos or photos.

For $999 (U.S. retail price; with remote control), it is packed with advanced features in both hardware and software.

You can control the drone with your Apple iPhone or Android smartphone if you opt not to get the controller.

This drone is worth every cent for both drone enthusiasts and new drone users for its portability and features. The DJI Mavic Pro drone will be officially out on the market on October 31, 2021.