DJI Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter With Integrated FPV Camcorder


DJI Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter with Integrated FPV Camcorder would be perfect choice for the people who want to experience real time video with amazing feelings. Actually Phantom 2 gives you a scope to watch copter’s point of view. Being on the ground, you would feel that you are in the aircraft and experience it.

DJI Phantom 2 V2.0 Quadcopter

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In this writing we are exploring its unique features and its advanced technology;

  • GPS System:

In this DJI Phantom 2 Vision, GPS system has been installed. It would help the aircraft to stay in the mid of the air and can properly hold its location. With the help of the GPS unit, aircraft can able to return its own place from where it takes off. Even if the batteries are down and with the help of remote control the air craft is able to come back at the right point.

  • Wireless Facility:

Its Wi-Fi facility and excellent HD quality video camera are additional advantages. With free DJI vision app buyers of the vision can see the live video on their iOS or Android mobile. Whatever the camera shoots everything can be viewed lively. At the same time “start” and “stop” recording options are there through which one can on and off the recording. Even camera can be tilted up and tilted down. With the help of the app operator can observe aircraft position, its altitude, present location and battery life.

  • Battery Life:

5,200-mAh lithium-polymer battery is another best feature of the aircraft. It is very easy to handle. One can seamlessly slide the battery inside the device and even you can eject it smoothly. There is no need to put extra efforts to do it.

The battery has on/off switch. The aircraft can fly 25 minutes at least.

  • Pre-Flight Session:

In the earlier model users have to go through a tough pre-flight session where they have to measure the path of the aircraft and to decide in which way it travels so that they get better vision.

Previous version of the aircraft is navigated by joysticks so it creates little problems among the users. Sometimes the users get puzzled up and do not understand how to control it. Therefore previous process is quite complicated for the users.

But now the pre-flight procedure is very easy. DJI provides a little paper card with remote that conveys the users about the meaning of the system and guides them.

  • Vision:

The way it is formulated the users feel that they are sitting in the copter and see the views. It actually gives copter’s point of view.

  • Apps Feature:

There is another feature that enables you to learn about the current height of the aircraft so that you understand the distance between you and your aircraft. Though you see in mobile but in bright sunlight it is bit problematic.

  • Video Quality:

The highest quality video is one of the excellent options that are offered by the Phantom 2 Vision. Viewer can see 140 degree field view with the maximum resolution. 1080p (30fps or 60i) is its maximum resolution. But users can select minimum resolution with the help of the app.

14 mega pixel still picture can be taken with this camera. Its wide angle camera and best quality lens make the aircraft more valuable. Tilt up and tilt down options are there and at the same time you can pan it.

  • Anti-Vibration Mount:

Anti-vibration mount is the important features. It helps to keep away the camera from the vibration that is created by the motors of quadcopter and its propellers. For Anti vibration mount, the quality of video is clear. So Anti vibration mount is truly a great advanced system that enhances the quality of video.


  • With the help of its app users can take a real time live photography on the smart phone or on their cell phone. It gives you a completely new experience.
  • Phantom 2 Vision has hold high quality camera with 4 GB micro SD card. Video can be done with this high performance camera and it gives HD quality video. Users can snap 14 mega pixel still photos. The resolution of the camera is 1080p 30/60i.
  • There is no complication in order to navigate the camera as you can do it through app. While you start flying the camera position is fixed but once it flies, you are free to tilt the camera.
  • Not only camera is positioned with the help of the vision app users can regulate white balance, Picture Quality, ISO, Exposure Compensation. Even RAW or JPEG format can be adjusted and if you wish you can change too.
  • AS it has WIFI connection, so users can observe flight data and also camera view. The maximum range of the camera is 300m from the surface of the earth and within this range the camera is able to take clear picture, after that picture quality can be hazy.
  • GPS mechanism allows the aircraft to fly in autopilot mode. And it is also able to hold its right position. Altitude lock system is also there which helps to focus and to take clear pictures.
  • Good quality radar is attached with Phantom 2 Vision which shows the present situation of the aircraft, its altitude, and height of the aircraft etc. It gives you a sense that you are in the cockpit.
  • If somehow it goes beyond controlling range, just you have to press “RETURN TO HOME”, your aircraft would be appeared in front of you.
  • Its battery quality is far better and advanced. 5200mAh Lithium Polymer battery is used here. Up to 25 minutes, the air craft can fly easily.
  • The life of the battery is good and when charge is completed, it is automatically disconnected. So there is no chance of over charges or something like that.
  • Maintenance of the battery is very easy and it is very safe and secured.


This camera does not hold any micro phone, but it is also true that there is no need for microphone but if it is attached with it, the combination of sound effects and the high quality pictures make users belief that they are in the aircraft. So if you don’t have any problems with silent video, you can try it. It is one of the best DJI Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter with Integrated FPV Camcorder that makes you happy.DJI-Phantom-2-Vision-Quadcopter-with-Integrated-FPV-Camcorder1-new

So go and try it.