DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ V3.0 Quadcopter With GimbaL

Dji Phantom-2 Vision Plus – Overview

DJI Company has brought you a Quad copter with number of notable features. These features make this gadget more useful to all. You can do excellent aerial photography with this small quad copter. To capture the crystalline view of our mother Earth from sky, you should have DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ V3.0 Quad copter.

DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ V3.0 Quadcopter with FPV HD Video Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal (White)

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Last update was on: November 29, 2022 10:55 am

DJI update its product by including much more efficient motors, a new radio controller, powerful fight batteries and added a Gimbal control dial, and there are various improvements that make the product more helpful in every field.  As Phantom 2 (the other product of company) it is also based on air frame, but it make different by adding 14 mega pixel Camera that is control and stabilize by 3-axes Gimbal.

There are many awesome features that will give you the answer why it is necessary to buy this product. So if you are ready to do aerial photography, then don’t think much, just read the features and order it now.


  • It got a marvelous camera to capture images. It has 14 mega pixel cameras which is connected with 3 axis Gimbal for stabilization and control. It can also record 1920 x 1080 resolution video. It is control via Wi-Fi by using app in smart phones and tablets. It got the internal MicroSD card for the storage of recording. You may also share your best photograph to your friends via Facebook, twitter, YouTube and other social Networking sites.
  • In the gadget, you get two computer-assisted flight modes: GPS altitude mode and altitude mode. GPS altitude is automatic; if you release the joystick or interrupt to control the quad copter then it will stop automatically and hover still in horizontal position. The second is the altitude mode which is manual, in this mode phantom is not stay in any fixed position when you release your hand from controlling it. It will continue its motion until and unless it is stop by friction due to air. So in GPS mode you can stabilize your quad copter in air.
  • Don’t worry if you lost your phantom in the sky, just press “Return to Home”, your aircraft will first ascend to 60 feet then it will come straight to the position where it took off.
  • To rotate the quad copter continuously you need to have a control in Yaw axis. But most of the people get confuse about the direction, when they press forward it move backward, and if they press right it move left. So the controls become mixed up. But don’t worry about it; DJI designed intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) to prevent all the confusion in controlling. It keeps the tail of the quad copter towards pilot.
  • DJI Vision app in Androids and iOS smart phone provide lots of functions, you can see the number of GPS satellites, battery backup of your quad copter, full feature of phantom’s camera like: camera angle, ISO, White balance, Shutters speed and by taping you can record video and capture pictures from your phone. You can download the picture you click to your phone and instantly share it in social media networks.
  • In Phantom 2 Vision+ V3.0 you will get a battery slot of 5200mAh in the tail of phantom. Phantom can keep flying up to 25 mints. There are 4 LED charge indicators which indicate the about the battery condition. LED lights not only indicate about battery condition it also indicates about calibration of GPS system and also indicate when your gadget is out of range. Color of the light may be sometime: green, amber or red, light may flash or solid it depends upon the indication.
  • It got a RF remote transmitter of 5.8 GHz which have dual joystick control. Left stick control yaw (Rotation) and throttle (up/down), and right stick control pitch (to tilt the nose up/down) and roll (tilt side-to-side). To activate GPS flight and Altitude mode you have to choose a switch on top right. And on top left switch is to activate IOC mode.
  • To increase the thrust and efficiency, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has been applied to the redesigned propellers. It provides the thrust of 200gm per axis.
  • Phantom got a motor of Phantom 2 2312 and recommended takeoff weight 300gm per axis, maximum tension of 800g per axis, stator size is 23 x 12 mm/ 0.9 x 0.5”, Velocity of the motor is 960 rpm/V and working temperature is between -5 to 10 degree centigrade.
  • Generally phantom’s hover accuracy for vertical: 0.8 m and for horizontal: 2.5 m. Maximum angular velocity in Yaw is 200 degree/sec; maximum tilt angle is 35 degree. It got its maximum flight velocity of 15 m/s. And the weight of DJI Phantom 2 vision+ V3.0 quad copter is 1242 gm.

Area of Usage:

This gadget is use in various fields like aerial photography, cinematography, research fields, etc. Its excellent features make more attractive to the people who are interested in photography. There are many commercial use of it such as photographers of various newspapers can’t take photo of celebritiesDJI-Phantom-2-Vision-V3due to too much gatherings of the people, so they choose quadcopter to click the photos of those celebrities very easily.

Militaries find many hidden objects by sending quad copter. It helps them to rescue from enemy. It also help us for entertainment, you may find your friend where he/she is going through this gadgets. It’s really very much helpful to explore the things without moving in that spot. You can also enjoy the scenic views of earth from space.

So what are you thinking? Is this gadget will make you bore? I think “NO!” so don’t wait for a second just order this quad copter today and fall in love with it. It will help you to watch your city from top. Hence you should thank DJI for building such an innovative gadget that changes the sketch of world and also our thoughts. Ones we imagine that if I could be a bird I would fly across the world, but today DJI make our dream true.