DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quad Copter Drone With 1080p HD Video Camera


DJI Phantom 3 makes a new birth of Arial Photography. It’s very easy to access for the beginners and make radiant videos. It captures wonderful images with sharp details as it got 4K UHD camera. Camera can rotate in three axes. It has four propellers which help the camera to lift up. So to see your city how it looks from the sky and capture it, you should have a DJI Phantom 3 and enjoy the views from heaven.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Drone with 2.7K HD Video Camera

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Feel as you are in the sky, from the ground. Today in this era it is used by many professional photographers and cinematographers.


  • Beginner mode used in this gadget helps you to fly safely. If you set altitude and distance you need to fly your gadget, it will fly across that limit. This mode can prevent flying in unwanted area. This mode is done only for the person who is having his first time flight with the DJI Phantom 3.
  • See the live Arial HD view from the ground. You can watch your city, scenic views; etc. up to the distance of 2 Km. DJI Phantom 3 contains high-powered antennas in its four` legs, which help to control the gadget as directed.  You can also connect it in mobile, tablets, etc watch it live.
  • With the help of remote control with sensitive stick you can control your DJI Phantom 3 up to 1.2 miles. It gives the innovative way to communicate with your quad copter. It has DJI Lightbridge technology in both Phantom 3 and remote. Hence it can transfer 1080p HD images to your remote easily. Now take desire photos and videos, and direct where it should fly and bring it back by pressing buttons. Another feature in the remote is, you can customize the commands by the app name DJI Pilot. You can change the functions of the sticks and button by activating this.
  • DJI pilot app is free software, which is used in Phantom 3. With this app control of quad copter will be in your hand. You can create a video by adding text, music and much more and share it in YouTube or many other social networking sites. Movie made by this phantom is really looking professional as it has a full control in camera. It automatically set correct exposure and click the photos. The most interesting thing in using this app is you can practice your flight skill virtually. Without going anywhere you can experience flying with this quad copter. Flight stimulator which create a virtual environment where you can experience everything lively. It is only available in iOS version.
  • If you want to fly your Phantom 3 in lower ground/indoor, then also it can proceed with the help of vision positioning technology. It scan the ground by ultrasonic and vision sensor, and try to identify the position and move precisely.
  • For a successful fight, it must have an absolute control and must be stable in air. And DJI Phantom 3 got the best and latest in flight technology which gives a support of auto intelligence. By pressing the button you can bring back your phantom in your home. System remembers where it took its takeoff and by recalling its path and position it again fly back home when you press the button Return-to-Home.
  • DJI Phantom 3 has an intellectual control system. It collects the data from entire system including, GPS location, motor speed, input commands given by you and from sensors and it analyze the data, and then it tell the system how phantom should behave at this circumstances. Phantom 3 will never lose its way as it is connected with GPS and GLONASS. These help the Phantom to move precisely. So with the help of DJI pilot app you can track your phantom in a live record.
  • Phantom 3 automatically remember complete routes of flight, time, distance, locations and photos you took and at the same time it also records the data of internal mechanism of the system and flight.
  • Phantom 3 got an intelligent battery. Though it has a high voltage and energy and have greater power to experience flight, at the same time it calculate the power waste in moving from one position to another and how much power is needed to return home. So when your Phantom’s battery become low, it automatically returns home with the power it needed.
  • Powerful brushless motors enable you to quickly decrease or increase the elevation, speed up and immediately stop the quad copter. Most powerful air braking mechanism of DJI helps the phantom to stop.


In this days quad copter is use in different field. DJI Phantom 3 is especially in Arial Photography as it got a high mega pixel camera. It can be use in navigation. In military enforcement agencies quad copters are used to observe the people and object on the ground. So these Arial vehicles are used in reconnaissance and surveillance. Now days it also uses in research platforms, in various fields including robotics, flight control system, etc.

Quad copter project is mainly collaborated with Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science. In USA, it has a large use in Arial imagery. As the quad copter become less expensive in the field of media, so newspaper’s photographer click pictures of celebrities by it.  So the use of quad copter will increase day by day, year after year. It will use in different fields like military, media, drone journalism, 3-D mapping, farming, navigation, photography, cinematography and in various research fields. It can also be used in entertainment and in the business fields.

So, become an Arial Photographer and cinematographer brings DJI phantom 3 in your home and watches the wonder of earth from the sky. It’s really an interesting thing to picture your cities and your home from the sky. You may be too curious to know how your home looks like from the sky. You can experience the Arial views from the ground and feel the beauty of earth from space.