DJI Phantom 4 Review : The Smartest Flying Camera Drone Ever!

Welcome, the latest rage in the DJI Series – Phantom 4. Right from a sleek design to an amazing flight time, this drone covers all that you had wished for! Let’s check more on it.

With a distinguished reputation in the world of drones, DJI is back and how! After the great legacies of DJI Phantom series that included Phantom 2, Phantom 3 with standard, professional, advanced & 4K versions, Phantom 4 is finally here & is certainly a treat to look out for.

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The power packed drone has entered the market with an amazing set of features and advancement over its own models. We just got ourselves a DJI Phantom 4 to confirm all the rumours & leaks about the drone. Read further to know what we thought about the latest addition to the Phantom legacy.

Inside the Box:

  • 1 X DJI Phantom 4 Drone
  • 1 X Charger
  • 1 X Remote control
  • 1 X Drone Battery
  • 2 X Propeller sets 4 each
  • 1 X Radio Controller
  • 1 X Carrying Case
  • 1 X Instructional Manual
  • 1 X 16 GB Micro SD Card


  • 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilization
  • HD Live View for long Range
  • Adobe DNG Recording
  • 1080p 120fps HD Video recording
  • 12 Mega-pixel camera
  • ISO & Resolution Control
  • Visual Positioning & Navigation possible
  • Tap Fly
  • Flight time of 28 Minutes
  • Verified YouTube Live
  • Collision Detection
  • Micro SD Slot

Let’s Watch Official Video of DJI Phantom 4 !!

Should You Buy This One ?

With the specifications given above, the answer is a straight yes! You cannot afford to miss such features when they are coming along all in one drone.

The fact that it is coming from DJI, makes it all the way more special. This is pretty much a ready-to-fly quadcopter. The propellers are to be added and you have a Phantom ready to reach the high notes in the sky.


With Phantom 4, DJI has managed to come up with a sleek & sporty design, which is said to be better when compared with its contemporary drones. The glossy White Finish look gives a classy look to the drone body.

The gimbal & camera in Phantom 4 is an upgrade from Phantom 3 series. If you had ever tried flying the DJI Phantom 3, you will certainly notice that acute upgrade here.

In this model, the gimbal motors are located on both sides instead of being centrally located, like in previous models.

The Micro SD & USB slots are well integrated & are located on the left side of DJI Phantom 4 Chassis.


With the kind of rumours & leaks received about DJI Phantom 4, we were fascinated to find out if they hold any truth. Turn out that, yes they have done a fantastic upgrade here. For instance, you won’t hear the annoying noise of the drone when it starts.

It has been replaced with a better tune. With Phantom 4, the makers have actually worked on details. For instance, they have made a readable status about the IMU Calibration. The new drone users may skip the step to calibrate the IMU while setting it up initially. This is done to ensure better performance.

Unlike other drones, DJI Phantom 4 constitutes 2 IMUs along with 2 compasses to add to the control & stability of the quadcopter.

Tap Fly:

This newly introduced feature makes sure that the drone flies where you wish to, in a couple of taps. DJI Phantom 4 comes with an aim lock feature which lets it decide a particular target without any further instruction requirement.

Via this, the drone makes sure about the tracking mode & this is something of an advancement over all its competitors. It comes as a part of the ‘Sense & Avoid’ feature.

You may tap anywhere on the touchscreen and it’ll turn into that direction making it a collision detection drone. This feature keeps it away from most solid objects around & hence keeps the drone safe by avoiding crashes.

Well Thought Packaging:

The drone gives chills to the first impression phase. DJI has managed to uplift the level of packaging with this drone.

Phantom 4 comes with a great packaging distinguishing it from other contemporaries. A tough Styrofoam box keeps it intact.

If you’re not able to afford a carry case, this box will work just fine until you get one for yourself.

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Sport Mode:

Among the newly talked about feature, Sport Mode is a prominent one that is activated by a Switch on the drone. You can get that passion of drone flying with this Sport Mode that enables the drone to catch up the speed up to 45 miles per hour.

Not only does it lets you fly your drone at such a speed but also helps you with the height. The Phantom 4 can reach the height of 20 feet per second & can descend itself at 13 feet per second.

Such features help up when you need that perfect shot at any random location. This being very new to people, they might not be able to adapt to Sport mode quickly.

Battery Life & Flight time:

When a gadget is equipped with a number of features, the battery life becomes quite a question. With Phantom 4, DJI has pushed its boundaries further and improved its efficiency as much that it can handle an uninterrupted flight time of 28 Minutes.

Although you will receive the first ‘battery low’ warning after it completes 20 minutes keeping safe sides. The drone gives 3 warnings for the Low battery Status & if no action is yet taken, it flies itself back to the base on its own with the Autopilot mode.

Camera Quality:

DJI holds a reputation for great image capturing with an amazing camera quality & Phantom 4 manages to exceed the expectation here. It captures 1080p with 120 fps. Also, it is able to record 4K videos at 30fps.

The professional drone photographers certainly have an advantage here as the redesigned lens are designed such that may offer better sharpness at the corners. When it comes to the image quality, DJI Phantom 4 doesn’t disappoint.

With 12MP Quality & available in jpeg as well as Adobe DNG, the images look quite better than the ones captured from smartphones.

The 4K Videos are a treat to watch. These are recorded at 30 frames per second & manage to outshine other drones. One can either use tripod stands for capturing a smooth video or Phantom 4 offers stable videos even when it is hovering.


With Phantom 4, DJI comes with a CMOS sensor which lets it capture 4K Videos & 12MP stills. This sensor has an ISO range which lies between 100 to 1600 for images & 3200 for videos, to be precise.

There are two Image formats offered. With 4:3 format, one can take the resolution of 4000 X 3000 whereas with 16:9 image format, a resolution of 4000 X 2250 is being offered.


Phantom 4 operates at three different speeds. During the normal flight, it takes up the speed around 35 miles/hour. With the newly introduced Sport mode, the drone can go at an amazing 45miles/hour.

When the Object Avoidance is activated, the speed lowers itself to around 22 miles/hour.

Also, the Sport mode comes as a real treat to the professional pilots & drone lovers. It shall enable them to go a level higher when chasing the dynamic shots.

Flight Controller:

The Design of Flight Controller shall remind you a bit of Phantom 3 with the similar White Finish on its body. But then, there are differences in certain switches & buttons.

Phantom 4 has a change in the Play/Pause Buttons as well.

On the switches next to the video record button, you will now see PSA version instead of the PFA, as in earlier versions. This is now just a ‘Pause’ button handling both the functionalities. This ‘Pause’ button helps up in hovering the drone in place & gets it in the normal ‘P’ mode.

P: This basically is the Flight mode which constitutes IOC settings. These settings include Point of Interest, Active Track etc. With this mode enabled, the flight gets limited to 22 Miles per Hour.

S: It defines the Sport mode. This will let the drone fly high like you had never imagined. It gets brilliantly aggressive & we’re sure that the professional photographers are going to love it at this pace.

A: It defines Attitude mode which has been kept as same as before.

The Good:

  • Sport Mode with better speeds
  • Active Track Mode for high quality moving shots
  • Improved Stills
  • Independent GPS Tracking
  • Sleek Design

The Bad:

  • Packed Menu
  • Form factor still same as in earlier models
  • Batteries from Past DJI Models can’t be used here.

Key Takeaways:

So, as per what we were able to observe, DJI Phantom 4 is probably the best Phantom ever. The fascinating photography, the thrill of flying, the newly introduced features are among the few points that differentiate Phantom 4 from other quadcopters.

Features like Active Track & Sport Mode takes the drone a step ahead & add an extra to the camera quality. Though the menu seems a bit crowded in the app but nevertheless, all options work fine these too.

Frequently Asked Questions:​

1. Does Phantom 4’s Obstacle Sensing System works in all modes?

Yes, the Obstacle Sensing can be activated in all modes like Active Track, TapFly, normal etc.

2. What is the Minimum altitude offered in Active Track?

It can go upto a minimum of 6ft while in this Mode.

3. In ATTI Mode, what is the Horizontal speed of this drone?

Phantom 4 can go upto a speed of 57.6 kph in the ATTI Mode.

4. How is Phantom 4’s Gimbal better than earlier versions?

Made out of a strong material, Phantom 4’s gimbal and camera are integrated into one system. This brings it closer to the centre of gravity of this drone, differentiating the gimbal from its earlier versions.

Final Thoughts:

DJI Phantom 4 is undoubtedly the best version of the Phantom series and has managed to outshine itself with a refreshing set of features, which makes it way more reliable than its contemporaries. With an elite standard in flight time, durability, ease of use & credibility, this drone is rightly called the ‘Ultimate drone for everyone’.

The drone stands out as a benchmark among all the drones and is something to look out for. This is a must recommended from our side. This being the best Phantom by far, we certainly suggest you go for it.

Enjoy Phantom 4 to its core!