DJI Phantom 4 Rumors and Leaks!

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Last update was on: November 28, 2022 10:56 pm

DJI has set certain peak benchmarks with the entire Phantom series. DJI Phantom has maintained the legacy throughout its products and as per further rumors; DJI Phantom 4 is all set to amaze you!

DJI’s recently published patent indicates that an improved and advanced tracking methods could be integrated with the DJI Phantom 4 which is about to thrill the enthusiasts. DJI is nowhere less than its competitors and is planning to bring DJI Phantom 4 with an advanced set of features which could surpass all others in the queue. Read more to know about the innovations in details.

Systems and Methods for Target Tracking

DJI just published its patent on ‘Systems and Methods for Target Tracking’ on 4th February. This is ultimate dream come true for the aerial photographers. Aerial Photography is the focus function of a drone these days but the users are facing certain problems with it. The trouble is to shoot mobile objects. The frames somewhere lack in capturing moving articles due the scarce designing systems that could co-ordinate the Drone’s speed, roll, camera angle, camera tilt and also preventing it from crashing. The latest tracking method which is whispered to be the addition to Phantom 4 is the all new level of excellence.

6K enabled lenses

DJI with its upcoming product is supposed to present 6K videos. This feature if introduced is going to be extremely startling. This rumor is somewhere less trustworthy because a large portion of drone enthusiast is still aspiring to own a 4K enabled drone. Also, the images so leaked and available display that Phantom 4 has certain shape modifications to be introduced with not just one but two arms for camera housing.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Yes, you heard it right! The image so leaked shows a massive silver bottom plate which strengthens the thought that it is meant to stabilize the optical flow with the new ultra-sonic sensors so affixed. Also, the aeration is taken care of by placing LED over the motors itself.

New Hardware affixed

 The images reveal that the shell of Phantom 4 is associated with new hardware at specific eccentric areas. These may be the new collection of sensors. These sensors can also be spotted with the ultrasonic sensors. The camera and gimbal appear to be bit redefined and thus, Phantom 4 is supposed to be an improved successor.

Modified Camera Shape

The images so leak reveal a lot and one of such issues is the changed camera shape. DJI Phantom 4 might have a modified and extra friendly shape than the previous versions. Also, the legs of the drones might have more sensors. Another prediction made from the images is doubtful about whether a particulate point has mini cameras or just stickers. Whatever but it is definitely the best of versions to be available till date.

Final Verdict

DJI is expected to release certain notification for DJI Phantom 4 in the beginning of March. There is a wide range of predictions as per the leaked images available for DJI Phantom 4. The assumptions might prove themselves as authentic or just a hoax, but for now, DJI Phantom is successfully bulging curiosity among the enthusiasts. Let us together wait about this extremely advanced gadget- Fingers Crossed!

We will be updating this article frequently, keep in touch for latest updates on DJI Phantom 4.

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