DJI Announces the Launch of Phantom 4 Tomato

Well! Here we are and its official now! DJI is all ready to blow the sky with its new Phantom 4 which is expected to announce by DJI on March 1, 2021. The mystery of DJI Phantom 4 is still needs to be unfolded and all the Drone enthusiasts and professionals are holding their breath high, while the whole world is buzzing about the still unlocked secret of Phantom 4.

With the announcement of Phantom 4 by DJI, internet is filled with the photographs and the expected technology that DJI will go ahead and offer, leaving much to the imagination. We now have a possible release date for the new Phantom, the speculations about its name is getting out in air, it is also said with the reference to the strange image which is circulating around with the text “Connect your DJI device. “PHANTOM TOMATO”.

Well! All we can guess it that the ‘PHANTOM TOMATO’ might be a variation of Phantom 4, or any new product or accessory to extend the Phantom series.

The Rumors about the features

  • It is believed that the new DJI Phantom Tomato comprises of ultrasonic sensors and camera for its optical flow stabilization.
  • With a Shiny body and LED lights over the motor appears to gives room for ventilation.
  • New hardware seems to be added with a new array of sensors, also believed that new sensors are added near the ultra sonic sensors.
  • Gimbal and the camera also look like they have been redesigned.
  • It is also speculated that a few mini cameras along with the sensors on the top of the section legs are also added.
  • Another rumor is the possibility of 6k video recording, according to the DJI patents and trademarks new features like target tracking are being implemented on the new Phantom 4.
  • An authorized dealer has leaked some pricing information about DJI Phantom 4 Tomato, it is expected that Phantom 3 will stay on the same price while the New DJI Phantom 4 is estimated to be $1700 USD.
  • Also assumed that with more sensors for obstacle avoidance, visual targeting and improved battery life, manufacturing cost will definitely rise up.


Not a lot of information is released since the last update but everyone of us are waiting and excited about the new DJI Phantom 4, with its video called ‘Return To Your Senses’ DJI is definitely talking something new about avoid and sense, with ultra sonic sensors and cameras, newly designed vents at the end of arm DJI is undoubtedly coming up with a big surprise and this would definitely add an edge to the amazing drone series.

With all the assumptions that might upshot as authentic or just a hoax. We have been continuous in providing you reviews of all drones of DJI Phantom Series. As soon as the DJI Phantom 4 bumps in the market we will update you with the real user DJI Phantom 4 experience and our expert opinion about DJI Phantom 4 Tomato.

Let’s wait together for this exceptionally advanced gadget-Keeping Fingers Crossed! We will be updating the articles for the Phantom Series frequently, stay in-line for the latest updates.

Read more detailed Rumors and Leaks about DJI Phantom 4. You may also share your expectations about this coming sensation through the comments section.


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