History of Drones

Drones – The term holds a picture of a fun tech gadget for us which finds its applications in a variety of fields. Drones are certainly the future of the tech gadgets but we have hardly given any serious thoughts to its history.

We hear about it, have been curious about it, are fascinated by its features & above all, love it but have you ever wondered how it actually came into existence? What exactly remains the history behind the concept of drones? Well, time for us to find out.

Team TDS present to you a small animated video that will tell you everything about the evolution of drones right from the 20th century to match up to the current trends. It’ll cover how they started off as Aerial Vehicles and with time, took the attention in various forms, mainly due to its military usage.

It’ll tell you about the evolution of drones from the scratch. Right from the aerial warfare to the usage of drones by companies like Facebook.

Watch out this animated video and check for yourself the history & evolution of drones.

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