Drone Propellers – Know Everything About Them!

If you have heard about the term propeller for the first time, you must be pondering what is it? Probably, you would ask Google or take the help of a dictionary. No need to make those peculiar faces; it’s not your falt mate; the term itself is somewhat uncommon.
Anyways, a propeller is a type of fan as simple as that.

It is a device which converts the rotational motion into thrust. Well, we will not go into the complicated science of how the pressure is created or its working dynamics but focus our discussion on choosing the right propellers for drone.
But for the sake of knowledge just remember that whether it is a drone propeller or any other fan just remember that the working principle is based on Bernoulli’s principle and Newton’s third law of motion.

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Although the drone propellers for the quads are small in size and usually made up of plastic material, but please do not underestimate its vital importance.

But before we can proceed with our discussion on the best propellers for the UAVs, it’s important to throw some light on why do you need a quadcopter. This will make the picture clear.
Would you like to shoot Aeriel Videos with Drone? Are you planning a casual flight? Whatever, be the desire you need a quadcopter and propellers are its essential parts that help it fly.


2.1 Length & Pitch

First, you should know that there are altogether four propellers; two move in the clockwise direction and two moves in the anti-clockwise direction. Propellers are always categorized according to the length and the pitch. Pitch is the distance travelled by drone in one single prop rotation. For example, if the figure 8×4.5 is given, it will mean that the length is 8 inches while the pitch is 4.5.

The propellers with lower pitches produce more torque, therefore, the motor can operate on less current.

In case you are using a high pitch prop, then more air will get displaced and this will result in a commotion. Due to this, your drone would shake while hovering. Thus, a lower pitch propeller is recommended.

2.2 Size

With a small sized drone propeller, it becomes easier for you to increase and decrease the speed of the drone. This is not possible in the case of large propellers, because it takes a little time to change the speed. Also, the smaller drone prop operates on a higher RPM motor. The blades tend to spin rapidly and that is why the UAV is able to fly.

However, it is noteworthy you need a motor with having less kV for operating the larger propellers.

On the other hand, once the kV of the motor increases, the size of the propeller decreases. Look for a propeller with low pitches so that the drone remains stable and there is lower vibration higher pitches need more current.




  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive


  • Balancing issues
  • More vibrations & sound


  • Lesser vibration and sound
  • Videos do not shake
  • Lighter in weight
  • More balanced
  • Quick motor speed, high rpm


  • Expensive
  • Lower thrust than plastic
  • Hard to break

With an extensive array of propellers available in market, how do I pick the best?

Well, first you have to do a thorough research on the product and get some idea especially, if you are a first time buyer. You need to understand the concepts of pitch and length and then choose the one that fits your budget estimate.

Can I replace the blade of my propeller?

Yes but a maximum of one third of the blade can be placed. However, only get it replaced by experienced technicians.

How much can I change the pitch of my prop?

Well, it completely depends upon the type of propeller you are choosing. You can change it one up or one down.

Which one is more efficient two, three or four blade propellers?

Two bladed propellers are always more efficient in comparison to 3 or 4 bladed props and so you should prefer that. Three or four bladed props are usually used in aircrafts whereas two bladed props are better for drones.

Can I get top speed and power from one propeller?

Nope. In order to obtain the best possible speed you have to choose the appropriate size and pitch.