These Drone Racing League Videos Will Give You Goosebumps

The extremely furious F1 Drivers drifting their cars in an unbelievable manner might have always amplified your heart beat. The agony and vigour that the Moto GP riders carry throughout their sprints is beyond the level of imaginations. Have you ever felt heart broken when you’re favourite NASCAR racer somehow loses a race by a hair width? What if I say that a new concept of sports is about to take you to an extreme raging ride you have never ever experienced?

Confused? No Worries! Welcome to DRL also called the Drone Racing League which is the all new upcoming craze builder. The vigour of cars, the speed of motorbikes but neither of the two, but this is the Race of Drones.

Know about the Creators of this Race.

This boon to the enthusiasts and thrill-lovers is giving their craze an athletic direction. All thanks to the CEO of DRL Nick Horbaczewski. The man himself is a dynamic personality who plans to electrify the jolt that Drones creates thus Initiating this FPV and named it as DRL. Along with him is the product director Ryan Gury who is committed to make history by delivering this new level of drone race.

Get associate with the Crazy Participants

This Fraternity is something different. On one hand are the athletes who day and night sweat due to physical practices to acquire success while on the other hand are these hysteric people who rather stay back at one place, employ Video Goggles connected through radio to drones and then direct their entire power and energy to defeat their competitor drones.

Drone Racing is First Person View Flying. The coordination of minds with eyes and the fluent functioning of fingers on the remote control is the key. Let me tell you, it is not that easy.  Tough job though, the pilots are all set to face the climax. Be sure you don’t miss it too!

Easy Course – Not this time!

The course so planned is another troublemaker. Unlike conventional racing tracks for cars and bikes, this has crossed all criterions. Bright pumping lights throughout the course, the existence of Dry ice fog and the fury of pilots with their drones, this is going to be one of its kind.

DRL held its first race in Dolphin’s Stadium, Miami and next will be held at an Abandoned Mall in Loss Angeles, California. You cannot afford to miss it!

DRL – One of its Kinds!

Drone Racing League is no doubt one of its kinds. This is not only because of the concept it displays but also due to the amount of investment it is gaining. Big Business Tycoon, People with Millions and Billions and Technology Lovers are all ready to invest in DRL. It recently gained an investment of $1 million from Stephen Ross, the owner of Miami Dolphins through his investment fund RSE Venture. Further the investment has been received from various ventures including CAA Ventures, Hearst Ventures who own various TV Channels and Magazines and the total investment amount calculates till date for DRL is a GRAND $8miilions.

So what are you waiting for! Brace yourself, control your heartbeat and applaud the all new level of Sports –Drone Racing League!

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