Dutch Police are Training Eagles to Take Down Drones


The world has forever been seeking new technologies every now and then. Researchers also carry the urge to find something new and interesting which has led to unique inventions. Each of these is presented to the world in the form of pleasant offerings and are purposed to use in favour of the society. However, it is evident that existing mischievous elements in the society somehow discover infinite unethical and ugly uses of that particular invention. The same happened with the drones. Unfortunately, a distinct number of rogue Unmanned Aerial Vehicles uses have been listed recently. This may last from intervening securities to disruptions for aeroplanes, illegal drug dealings and what not!

The latest news is a solution to this problem has been found. Eagles- Yes, you got that right! After all these trouble-causing drone reports, Dutch Police is ready to make a move i.e. ’Eagle v/s Drones’. In collaboration with a security firm named Guard From Above (GFA), Metropolitan Police Department is training this reckless bird to recognize an unidentified drone as a prey, snatch and take it down from the sky.

This move however also has another side to it. What if the drone with its sharp vigorous blades harms the eagles? The drone owner will surely try to save the gadget after having to see an eagle attack and this might cause serious injuries to the bird. It will be really interesting to know whether this scheme results to be successful or just a gimmick. Read more to know about this simplified solution of such a Hypermodern Problem.

Unethical Uses of Drones

UAVs have been auspiciously used in prospects of surveillance over disasters, natural calamities, conflict zones and lot more but there have also been instances of dirty-dealings when drones are reported to use in all kinds of corrupt modes. UK Air Proximity Board which keeps a check on the near-miss incidents occurring in the skies of UK has conveyed that there had been seven incidents where drones could have caused troubles and out if these, four were tagged under Category A which indicates the existence of a far-reaching risk of collisions. The near miss incidents of drones flying at 2000ft/4000ft against Boeing planes took place more than a couple of times. As per the sources, the drones in all these reported cases juts passed by the planes preventing collisions with minor margins moreover, even the drone owners could not be traced.

Besides these, many terrorists, criminals and activist threat groups have already tried using flying camera drones for attacks and spying purposes. A deadly Think Tank may discover the usage of drones at sights for functioning burglaries, drug dealings, infiltrating prisons and a lot more that might be either illegal, disastrous or both.

Eagles to take down Drones for Dutch Police

In order to solve this high-tech problem, an effective low-tech simple solution is planned to be adopted. After the victorious use of Eagles to fight against crimes in Holland; Netherlands is all set to employ it to fight against drones – Eagle versus Drones. Eagles are the king of Skies. These giants are extremely powerful and energetic birds of prey with unusual eyes which can detect object from 2 miles away. But there use to fight against drones cannot be completely justified.

Dutch Police has anyway teamed up with certain security agency and has initiated the training of Eagles so that they intercept and deflate the unidentified drone. Eagles have extensive hunt speed. They sustain a characteristic of capturing their prey, grasping it and carrying it away from people. Hence, due to the agility so protruded, Metropolitan Cops are deploying them for the purpose but the authenticity of this question is still questionable!

Currently, Drone Shield Technology is exclusively appointed for the performing countermeasures against drones-oriented potential threats. Eagle might be an addition to this movement. Legitimacy and application of this idea will be decided later but as of now, this doctrine is under the experimental stage for the issue.

Similar to Natural Hunting- Not Really!

I wonder this idea to make eagles wrestle drone is apt or not. The one and only issue that thwarts is the safety of these birds. As per the bird lovers, bald eagles which are being used for the purpose cannot be tagged as bird predators. Falcons are a very different category and bald eagles no-where fall into that zone. The drone-hunting which is claimed to be similar to the natural hunting process is clearly not vindicated. This is because drones nowhere stand to anything similar found in nature. So how can an eagle thought of assuming drones as their prey?

Bald eagles have been facing life-taking hurdles since long. Illegal hunting, pesticides like DDT, habitat demolition and a lot more hurdles to existence held them positioned as endangered species. However currently they are successfully repopulating, still forcing them to war against RC Quadcopters can be a bit abrupt. Further, this might employ some other species to stand against technology which clearly is not ethical.

As per the analysts and experts, this might be a fancy way out for the purpose but the Video so generated by Dutch Police and the techniques adopted clearly convey that this extraordinary concept for such a grand techno-related trouble could be decently effective.

Final Verdict

Drones are undoubtedly being used in both beneficial and hazardous manners and this clearly can’t be denied. Despite the existence of innumerable regulations and penalties and, there was an ever-increasing need of discovering ways to fight against drones and Eagle v/s Drone is thought of one such way-out.

This concept as initiated by the Dutch Police Department might evolve as an effective countermeasure against the illegal and corrupt usage of flying camera drones but might also act as forceful-suicides to the eagles. Eagles are incredibly powerful and have the capabilities to bring out any of its opponents. However, employing eagles for the purpose, deploying them against drones and taking the trouble-causing drones down as what the Dutch Police thinks of can be an uncertain idea to rely on.

Nevertheless, you can tell us how much do you agree with the idea. Also, mention any kinds of more possible and ethical ways to handle the problem.


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