10 Interesting facts about Drones

Facts About Drones

secom-private-droneA Drone is a flying machine with no pilots inside it to operate.  It operates on remote system and can be handled like a specified toy helicopter. The only difference is it can be used to solve serious issues such as sting operations, calamities in which human beings remain unharmed though the entire operation is done by humans.

It has a high definition camera of 720 pixels which gives a sharp image of the object or the video, making any work more accurate and distinguished. This 380gms machine is mostly made of good fiber material whereas metal is negligible. Moreover all parts are repairable and the instructions to do it are available on internet sites. Thus it is a very useful modern mechanism to do various activities without one’s presence at that immediate spot.

Last update was on: November 28, 2022 9:56 pm

One recent incident was the fire breakout in California. The drones brought over live images and its presence in the accident field was a very “happening” but the flames could have been better controlled if not for these5 drones. They were forced to bring down their aircraft’s until the drones left the airspace to land on the grounds.

  • The first Armed Drones

The very first drones which were used for military purpose was to reach one of the feared terrorists of the time. The National Security Council of United States reached Mohammed Atef, a feared terrorist from Afghanistan by the armed drones and was killed by it. He was the military –in –chief in Afghanistan in November 2001 when he was brutally assassinated.

  • First Country to build Drones

Israel was first to make these defensive aircraft’s.  Now it is the most popular country to sell drones to all over the world especially to the two dozen countries. The Israel Aerospace Industries have become one of the largest exporters of goods recently.

  • Number of deaths Occurred due to Drones

From 2004 till 2021 there has been a killing of 2500 to 3300 people alone in Pakistan. Of these people 478 were normal civilians and 176 children. These armed drones not only save the country from some fearful terrorists but along with him a number of civilians die needlessly. According to the Bureau Investigation Journalism, compared to the previous numbers of deaths, there has been a death of 3000 people approximately in the911 case.

  • Drones serve Other Purposes

An NGO takes the pledge to save people’s lives in remote cities of Africa were lifesaving medicines take longer time to reach before the person expires. Thus drones are also used for greater purposes other than bombing. They reach these remote places before humans, and   thus act as a life-saving machine.

  • Drones as part of Police Department

Recently drones have started helping the police departments by helping them fight crimes. They are used for surveillance of certain corrupted areas and helping carrying out sting operations. Even the FBI has started using them. So the next time you don’t have a clue to solve a problem secretly, drones is the right choice!

  • Drones with Flying Pizza!

Is it always necessary that any technological invention has to have a serious outcome only? Domino’s proved it wrong. Recently Domino’s have launched a video on You Tube of a drone delivering a pizza. The advantages of such a mechanism would be that It would be faster than manual delivery and hence the food more delicious.

  • Survey of Crops in Fields

Drones can help farmers by giving them an aerial survey of the entire field. Previously the farmers had to walk past the entire field to survey over the land but now it can be a lot easier. From a single place the farmer can check the crops, their growing percentages or whether anywhere the crop is damaged.

  • A part of Cricket World Cup

Drones have already been used in football and now it’s time for cricket too. It can give a great aerial coverage of the huge fields.

  • Weddings

Drones can make a marriage ever memorable as every angle of the wedding is covered. So if you want to set up a dream wedding for yourself go for a Drone to get the over view of the wedding along with the side ones.

  • Drones are creative

Drones help in creating good music and thus are attracting those who love it. It is not only helping those who are in the defense fields but also those who make this world a better place to live in i.e. by creating good music.

Drones will be in movies soon does it sound very astounding? It’s true. With varieties of help provided by these drones, they are becoming a part of human living. With the overhead view and great picture clarity it helps in a stage set up or for a huge set for a movie as it gives all the angles a proper sight.  Thus film making can get easy with this technology and it becomes very alluring to the producers.

Thus the use of Drones is spreading like wild fire as each person wants to reduce human efforts and increase technical one as it saves time and labor simultaneously. Besides, the chance of mistakes gets reduced and excuses are not pleaded.  On one hand it is the fighter on the borders, on the other it is the creative head in the stage program.

Its facilities are innumerable and the best part is, it is easily handled. If any part gets damaged the repairing also does not costs hundreds of rupees, neither it has to take to a faraway service station.  It can be repaired manually at home by any individual by following the instructions on the internet site.

Drones are very useful in our everyday busy life and should be opted for.  But care should also be taken so that it’s not misused because the more useful the mechanism, greater the chance of fraud and duplicity.