Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Drones

Drone FAQ – Introduction

Drone flying is gradually getting dignified from a mere hobby to passion and further commercialisation. The domain is expanding day-by-day and drones are magnetising bulk strength on a recurrent basis. More and more people owning drones on a rapid scale are somehow increasing the number of troubles they tend to come across. Drone enthusiasts have always been into trouble to find solutions to frequently arising questions.

Our team of experts carried out research on what are the most frequently asked Drone FAQs by the hobbyists. The kind of questions can be guarded in various aspects including general questions, technical questions and a lot more. Given below are the solutions of the Drone FAQs that are predominantly sought-after and trouble-causing.

Where to buy Drone?

Drones can be brought by a number of sources. These include the official stores of drone-manufacturer like DJI, Parrot etc. One major source due to the world-wide acceptance of e-business is the websites selling drones which have Amazon and ebay as their leading names.

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Where to Fly Drone?

The rule for flying recreational drones is that they must be flown at utmost 400 ft. Also drone owners are expected to fly their drones 5 miles away from airports. FAA suggests certain Do’s and Don’ts which ask the pilots to maintain specific guidelines to be followed.

Which Drone flies the longest?

The drone which claims to possess the longest flight time is Quadcopter Condor. This drone can fly for a maximum flight time of 90 Minutes. Recently Parrot has announced one such drone which will soon be available for use.

Which Drone has the best range?

The range of drone might differ due to speed, obstacles and whether conditions but if in case a standard speed and conditions are maintained including no-obstacle flight, DJI Phantom 3 Advanced/ Professional can go up to 3 miles. Also post-upgrading certain additional parts or so, the range of a drone can be increased.

How do the transmitted videos reach us?

The video destination might be a field monitor, video goggles or an android/iOS device. In addition to all these transmission destinations, there is a special feature called FPV i.e. First Person View which is quite innovative but this needs some legalisation.

What if the drone gets out of sight/range?

If a drone gets out of the range of the controller, it automatically/ manually gets into RTL mode i.e. return to land mode. This means that the drone returns back to where it began from and due to the GPS system adjoined.

What if I face a battery discharge during the flight?

If this case, a drone either gets down or returns home as per the features annexed. Usually a pre-installed warning system notifies you when the battery is low. Still, the pilots are suggested to keep a constant eye on the battery status of the drone.

Which drone follows you (Follower Drone)?

There are few drones that are known as Follower Drone but the most efficient among them is Lily. Lily is a camera drone which comes with a tracking device to follow you.

Which Drone to buy?

The answer to this question may vary due to certain factors. These include camera, price, battery and other accessories. Also there might be variations for experts, beginners, professionals and other genres.

Which Drone is best?

In current scenario, the best drone to buy as according to experts is Parrot AR Quadcopter. This drone allows 720p HD live streaming and can be tagged as the best drone to buy in 2021.

What drones can carry a Gopro?

In order to attach a gopro camera to a drone, the drone has to be very powerful and also should have a mount to hold a camera. Though the mount can be bought separately but it is advised to buy a drone with a mount so as to save cost.

How may I categorise my UAV into public and civil aircrafts?

A Public Aircraft is one owned by the US government or a political subdivision. Civil; aircrafts are all other than Public Aircrafts.

Which Drones have to be registered?

As per the latest guidelines issued by FAA, all drone weighing between .55 lbs to 55 lbs are to be registered online. The drones above 55 lbs are considered under the Aircraft Registry Process.

What is Section 333 by FAA?

Section 333 is a request to grant exemption for the current regulations. A drone if used for business purposes will need FAA authorization under section 333.

What is an experimental airworthiness certificate?

If a civil UAV is to be used for research purposes or market surveys, it needs to attain a SAC-EC which is a certificate of authorization. The time frame to gain one such certificate might last from 2 months to 1 year.

What is a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA)?

COA is a certificate authenticating a pilot’s authority to fly a drone. This is a post SAC-EC certificate to be attained. The time span to receive one such certificate is 60-90 days.

How may I use my drone for business purposes?

In order to use your Unmanned Aerial Vehicle- Aircraft for commercial purposes you will have to fulfil the following requirements:

  1. You will need a section 333 grant of exception to fly your drone.
  2. An authorization certificate named COA is a must
  3. A registered aircraft under the FAA guidelines.
  4. The pilot must possess a FAA Airman Certificate.

Enlist the hurdles encountered by civil aircraft owners.

Public Drones are ready to self certify themselves. Civil Drone owners are required to obtain a grant of exemption under section 333 and airworthiness certificate. Also registering the drone weighing above .55 lbs is mandatory.

What Drone has the best Camera?

DJI Phantom 2 Vision is can be considered as the best camera drone. The drone has a 14 MP camera which allows 1080p HD recording and stunning stills. More camera drones other than this are DJI Phantom 3 and Parrot AR Quadcopter.

What is the maximum load a drone can bear?

The maximum payload that a drone depends on its specifications. The freight is relies on a variety of factors which include the design of the drone, motors and propellers associated, ESC i.e. electronic speed control, Battery and the height of flight.

How Drone delivery works?

Why Drones delivery won’t work?

How Drone propellers work?

Drones are controlled through controllers or mobile apps from the ground. Transmission is communicated from the ground and further the drones is operated.

How drone is controlled?

A Drone can either be controlled through a remote control. This remote control consists of few buttons to operate the drone and sometime a LCD screen displaying certain information like the battery status, altitude, range and so on. The other way is a mobile application. As per the latest inventions, a Drone can even be controlled using a tracking device rather than a remote or mobile app

Are all drones associated with camera?

This entirely depends on your budget status. More investment pays back more returns in respect of features and performance. You might also own a camera separately an install it with your drone only if it is compatible to get integrated with one

Are Drone Cameras Legal?

Flying commercial drone cameras in US is absolutely legal. Though there are certain guidelines for flying camera drones including the maximum altitude, no fly zones etc. FAA is also planning to implement new set of rules and regulations for the camera drones but till date it is completely unrestricted.

Is it mandatory to buy camera along with the drone?

There are a wide variety of cameras available in the market so it is nearly impossible to sell a camera with the unit which suits all sorts of purposes. Also there might be instances that the user might own a camera previously and wants it to be linked with the drone. Serving this possibility, most of the drones are manufactured with flexibility and versatility which allows the assembling of any camera of users’ choice.

How hard it is to operate a drone and is it dangerous?

‘Practice makes a man perfect’. This is undoubtedly an apt statement because the initial stage of controlling a flight are quite easy and understandable but further to attain specialisation in getting over hurdles, passing obstacles and appropriate camera shots needs bit of flight experience. Also, the propellers of a drone are pretty sharp and can rotate from 5000-15000rpm thus arising dangers. It is therefore suggested to avoid flights near people or animals.

What are the governing authorities for UAV?

US Government itself holds the ultimate power of airspace and the rules and regulations for the drones are all framed by FAA. The Department of Transportation is a supportive unit to FAA to implement and form regulations for the UAVs.

What are the future considerations regarding the rapidly growing UAS industry?

Defence Organizations have always been indulged into UAS operations and therefore there have been continuous supervision over the public UAVs however civil aircrafts need more regulations to build a safe aerospace environment.

What are the restrictions of uses of drones in media?

News media houses are commercialised sectors and thus the entire regulations which are imposed on a civil aircraft used for recreational purposes will be imposed. The media houses however may hire certain companies which already sustain section 333 exemptions and are ready to apply for a COA.

Final Verdict

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles- Aircrafts are widely used techno-gadgets in today’s world. However their usage without being aware of the basic necessities and without certain authorizations might land you into trouble. It is advised to go through these Drone FAQ and be a smart owner.