Is The Military Already Using These Deadly Self Flying Machines?

Most people already know that the US military uses these UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to collect data on enemy military activities. They can be flown for up to 17 hours, cruise at speeds of 370kph (230mph) and are armed with laser guided missiles!

But here’s the thing…

Though these Drones are ‘un-manned’, they are still piloted by someone sitting behind a computer making decisions and watching the footage.

Could the military now be using self flying drones that do not need a pilot? like this one from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

The above image is known as the ‘hunter killer’, a made up machine from the terminator movies. It is a self flying highly advanced drone that uses artificial intelligence to learn its environment, track and kill victims.

The technology does exist, even available to the public. Almost anyone can buy a drone with most of these high tech specs!

Some of the best new drones like the M5 by Wingsland offer a self flying mode where the user wraps the remote around their wrist and then the M5 hovers around the person. These things can be purchased for under $1000 and can be used by anyone.

They are intended for skaters, snow boarders, fishing shows ect. But of course this sort of feature coupled with a smaller hidden tracking device and some weaponry could be very handy in the hands of military or police to chase suspects.

The M5 is not yet being mass produced but once it is released they are going to be everywhere!

Another example of a high spec drone that almost anyone can buy here from amazon for under $1500 is the DJI Phantom 4.
This UAV could be made military spec by adding some missiles and camouflage

Like the M5 the DJI Phantom 4 has object tracking and can fly without a pilot. The Phantoms tracking is much more advanced as the target does not need to be wearing a tracking device.

The video footage from the 4k camera is viewed live from iPhones, Tablets, smart phones ect. from up to 5000 meters!
The drone can be controlled manually. Once the pilot wants to track something or someone all they have to do is select the object to follow, the control is then no longer required

It uses GPS and GLONASS Dual Positioning for guidance meaning it can be flown between buildings and in low GPS areas without losing signal.
Phantom 4 has object avoidance sensors so it wont crash into anything and it remembers its surroundings. Once the batteries are getting low or upon user request it will return and land exactly where it took off.

The M5 and Phantom 4 are examples of the higher end most expensive type drones that are available to the public. The technology they have built in is incredible so imagine what the military has?

Imagine how small the military could make these…

There are also mini drones available to the public like the CX-10 which can fit in the palm of you hand and are less than $20! surely if these are this cheap to buy for the every day person then we can only imagine what the military would be using to spy, most probably even smaller technology!

Then there is maneuverability. One of the biggest sellers at the moment in the lower price range is the UDI 818a which also has a HD camera and a handy feature for dodging attacks, 360° flip in any direction. This drone would be very good for indoor high speed chasing as it has very sharp movements and coupled with the 360° flip action it could dodge anything thrown at it.

Add all These Features Together… Tiny sized, Nimble, 4k camera, GPS and GLONASS navigation, No Pilot Required to fly, High Speed machines coupled with some missiles and what do you get?

An incredible piece of equipment which could already be out in the military field. If all of this technology can be purchased by anyone and delivered to a persons front door within a few days surly our air forces and special forces are developing or already using something like this.

Let us hope that the terminator movie doesn’t become reality.

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