Parrot’s New Mini drones for Air, Land and even Water!

Drones are undoubtedly the ultimate craze-builder. Enthusiasts have been engaging in trying new tricks each time they fly one. There has been an ever-lasting wish to operate a drone in water. Hobbyists have always had a desire to see their drone hop and shoot not juts is the aerospace but on land too. The hurdles as faced in the form of water and to sprint a drone on a terrain have been hindering ever since they have come to use.

What if I say that the ever lasted dream of framing your drone into a furious water sprinter can now accomplished? The extremely fascinating visuals of certain Hollywood projects displaying the ground or sea chase, spy and shoot of a camera integrated toy car can be realistic and completely authentic. Yes, Thanks to PARROT!

Parrot has been always readily employed into providing better and fairly advanced products. The craving of delivering something beyond imaginations took them to an incredible benchmark. Parrot new mini drones is all set to announce the next generation range of 13 new ones including Parrot air – Parrot Airborne, Parrot Water- Parrot Hydrofoil and Parrot Land- Jumping Night. Let’s check them out!

Last update was on: June 22, 2021 1:56 am

Parrot Mini Drone-Airborne

The parrot air mini drone which is named as Parrot Airborne is an extremely appealing parrot mini-drone. This mini drone comes in two variants namely Cargo and Night. The alluring names have far more interesting features too.

The drones weigh 58 grams making them feasible to be adequately smooth and stable. Parrot’s FreeFlight 3 is the parrot’s app available on smartphones and tablets enthroning you as the ultimate monarch over the drone. The drone has an autopilot feature which associates with a 3-axis gyro. The vertical camera as provided with the drone will not only enable to measure speed but also facilitate you to take VGA Pictures. These images can further be stored on 1 GB storage and cherished forever.

The drone takes 25 minutes to get charged and further serves for 9 minutes of quality flight. The drone can perform some extreme sorts of loops, flips, turn, acrobatics and all during the performance speed of 11 mph. The night variant of this parrot air mini-drone is labeled as Airborne Night. As the name suggests, the parrot new minidrone can travel in dark. The ever-lasting want to get enthralled with the night functioning can now be conquered with this parrot air night mini drone.

Parrot Mini Drone- Hydrofoil

Hydrofoil is the miscegenation of parrot new minidrone models. This is the combined structure of parrot air and parrot water accumulated as Parrot water and termed as Hydrofoil. The way is to associate the airborne model with the boat, operate it and enjoy the nerve-bulging excitement so formed!

The parrot air model called the airborne when connected to the boat operates in a vertical position. The drone henceforth can transform a landlubber into a highly professional boater. Just hold back your smartphone, let the boat steer and take pleasure through FPV on your screen. The drone once set in motion can touch a speed of 6mph for about 7 minutes of operating time. This parrot new mini drone which can travel seas is incredibly convincing and irresistible.

Parrot Mini Drone- Jumping Night

The legacy created by the jumping sumo will now be carried over and maintained by the parrot new minidrone named as the Jumping Night. This parrot land drone is far more amazing than the previous versions. This remote controlled car sort of device is designed to jump a 32 inch height or length –amazing isn’t it!

Parrot Jumping Night can gush, sprint, sway and perform a lot more aerobatic stuff. The design comprises of a dual-wheel structure and a camera which facilitates FPV rolling. The drone also captures pictures and live videos to be storable on a 4 GB holder. The drone provides a speed of 8mph.

Some extraordinary and funny feature annexed is the microphone and speakers with the drone. So if you are notorious enough to scare the hell out of others and hit pranks on them, you have one efficient crime-partner!

Final Verdict

Parrot’s new range of drones is all set to capture the markets and enhance the goodwill of Parrot with the extremely mesmerising features so allotted. The drones including Parrot air, parrot land and parrot water are the innovative entries about to conquer the markets. Thought parrot has not yet announced a specific date for the parrot new minidrones to flourish the US market but it is definitely going to reveal some wider aspects in the beginning of July. As far as pricing is concerned, the figures are thought to stay close to the ones in European Markets. Just wait and watch these new parrot minidrones perform!

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