Parrot BeBop Drone HD Fisheye Camera Review

The Parrot BeBop Drone HD Fisheye Camera which focuses highly on videography and also has some of the best image stabilizing features. This particular quadcopter is the third edition of the full-sized drones launched by Parrot. The Parrot BeBop Drone HD Fisheye Camera can be compared to the drones that are used in TV productions and even have the fun element of toys. It’s performance lies between these two types.

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Product Specifications

  • Size: 330mm x 380mm x 36mm with attached shells
  • Weight:410g including shells
  • Flight time:11 minutes
  • Camera: 14-megapixel 180-degree fisheye lens with 3-axis digital stabilization
  • Video Quality: 1080p at 30fps
  • Storage:8GB
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5GHz) 250m range, micro USB, GPS/Glonass


The Parrot BeBop Drone HD Fisheye Camera has the same structure most other quadcopters have. Its body is tube like, having four arms extended. These arms contain the rotors. The arms are attached with the underplate that in turn supports the polystyrene body. This body contains the camera and also the battery tray which is cushioned by rubber buffers to save from vibrations.

Moreover, to ensure safety for indoor flights, the package contains 2 attachable polystyrene shells (10g each) to protect the drone from getting damaged by hitting the wall. The shells are extremely hardy and after a few crashes it leaves marks on the wall. Though, if the crash is too severe, the shells also get damaged by the rotors. Moreover, the drone is so much hardy and durable that even after a full on collision, it works totally fine. Also, the company provides with a full set of extra propellers so that it can get replaced if broken.

It Can Be Controlled By a Smartphone

Parrot BeBop-DroneThe Parrot BeBop Drone HD Fisheye Camera has a special mode of operating. Its controller is called a “Skycontroller”. It is basically attached to a frame meant for a tablet. Though this is an option, most prefer to use the Freeflight 3 app given free by Parrot to install on a smartphone and control the drone with it. This app can be operated on devices like iPads, iPhones, Windows phones and Andriod phones. This app uses Wi-Fi to connect with the drone and also displays a live image from the camera. The drone and its controllers have their own independent network. The connection range for the app is 250m and the range for the Skycontroller is 2km.

With the app, a user can control the drone in three ways: virtual joystick, tilt function and tilt function with separate camera control. Obviously the tilt control is much more exciting and fun to use but with it, it’s hard to maneuver the drone in tight positions. The joystick mode is better for tight maneuvering but it is still a bit difficult to control using touchscreens. There is also a built in GPS function which can be used to fly the drone. All the user has to do is map the route and let the GPS function follow it.

Stability In Flight

The flight stability of the drone is quite good and it can resist both wind buffeting and knocks. It gain high altitudes of about 150m from ground level and can reach upto a speed of 2.5ms.

Though it can maintain a vertical position stably, it has some problems in coming up with the internal circulation of air. In these conditions, it spins uncontrollably when in flight over desks or low air vents and tends to drift sidewise when flying over stairwells.

The package contains two batteries and a charger. Each battery has the capacity to keep the drone in flight for about 12mins non-stop. Moreover, the rotors are quite loud and the downdraft is quite strong and has the capability of blowing away papers if not kept under weight.


The camera installed in this drone has a 14 megapixel fish eye lens with a vision field of 180 degrees. The video recording is of the highest quality, 1080p at 30fps. The camera has an inbuilt digital stabilization function which automatically adjusts the angle of the lens by sensing the motion of the drone. Usually, a fish eye lens produces distorted images but this camera provides with flat pictures.

The video is quite smooth and resembles the type of videos of first person games. Even during rough flight, the image remains stable and flat. The average video quality is quite good but in dark or low light conditions, it shows grainy images.

Laws of Flying

Before flying the drone, it is very important to know the laws. Whatever is done on private property is not considered, but for controlling the drone in public places, there are some rules set by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

It is against the law to fly drones less than 50m from a person or building. It can’t be flown any closer than 250m from any built up area. The maximum allowable height a drone can achieve is 400m and also, the drone should always be in sight and not more than 500m from the user using it. If the drone is to be used for commercial purposes, the pilot shall need a license and permit to fly from CAA.


The Parrot BeBop Drone HD Fisheye Camera is available in three colors (yellow, blue and red) and is priced £430 (normal) and £770 (Skycontroller). Two batteries are given free but to buy another, it will cost £50 per battery. Each and every spare part is also available at Parrot and can be bought individually.


  • Smooth video having high quality
  • Easy process of setting up
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Has a GPS function
  • Quite fun and exciting to fly

Final Verdict

It is a great toy and provides the user with opportunities to test its boundaries. The picture and video is of top quality, other than in dim light. The storage memory of 8GB is enough space to store a complete flight video.