Parrot Drones will now be Armed with BB Gun & Grabbing Claw

Parrot is a well known name in the consumer drone industry and is all set to take quadcopters in a completely new direction, both literally and figuratively.

Parrot is expected to release this year some of the drones based of entirely new concept. For example the Parrot Mambo, which includes an attachable gun capable of firing small pellets similar to BB gun bullets.

Also an optional claw could be adjusted in the front by drone pilots that will help them to grab small objects.

It would be the first time that parrot would be coming up with accessories for its drones. It has been reported that the claw and the gun would come in package with Mambo whenever it debuts, also it could be attached with the accessory ports in the other future drones to come.

The Mambo will fly using the smartphoes, also giving you the ability to control both the gun and the claw.

The drone’s design might change between now to the day of launch as it is an early production model.

Next in the row is the Swing (It’s been observed that Parrot give their drone names after different dancing styles)

Swing is again in its early stage of development and is held with much of polystyrene, but comes with distinctive two-style flight mode.

It can hover like your drone, but also can be switched into a glide mode, which seems to be best suited for faster flying experiences outdoor. It will also come with come with a controller.

Prices of these drones are yet not disclosed. Parrot is expected to launch them later this year.

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