Parrot PF725100 BeBop Drone Review

Parrot Company has brought you a quad copter with 14MP camera and mobile sky controller device. PF735100 BeBop Drone is based on Wi-Fi and has the capability to capture 1080p HD aerial videos. So you can capture the sharp and crystalline images of earth from space. It is control from iOS or Android Mobile devices. So you can carry your device wherever you go and capture outstanding images and share it with your friends.

Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone - Red

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You can do Aerial photography with this device. There are some amazing features that may attract you more. You would realize, if you not bring it in your home you will miss the chance to observe the gorgeousness of nature from space.

  • Drone got a Skycontroller device which creates its own Wi-Fi802.11 hotspot. It has MIMO Wi-Fi connection of 2dual antennas which can handle the MIMO frequencies of 2.4GHz to 5GHz. You can also select your own frequency. Its sending power is 21dBm and signal range up to 250 meters.
  • For aerial photographers Parrot Company added 14 Megapixel cameras with 180 degree fisheye lens to BeBop Drone. So you can record videos and remarkable images of nature in within the field of 180 degree. You can also use the piloting app for the adjustment of camera angle.
  • Technology based on digital image stabilization help the drone to keep stable to capture awesome pictures. You may see the horizontal line of the object which you want to capture may distorted in action cameras but in drone’s camera horizontal line never distorted into curve line, it capture the real image what you see in your own eye. It has the internal memory of 8GB and photo file store in a format of JPEG, RAW and DNG.
  • You can control your drone by using the free software called “FreeFlight 3.0”, this app can be getting from Android Play store and Apple app Store. With this software you can control the quad copter, camera angles and much more by simple movements of your thumbs. So you become a pilot as well as good photographer by just tapping your thumb in smart Phones and tablets. Once you open the app you could get the facilities: Videos/photos, piloting, setting for altitude and speed, piloting mode: virtual joystick, accelerometer, etc.
  • You can also share your best shots and videos in one-touch from the application to your friend in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or other social networking sites, as it is synchronized in existent time in your smart Phone.
  • Drone remember from where it takeoff, and if you select “Return Home” it will come back to its original position if the altitude is more than 10 m. And if the drone is much less than 10 m then it will first rise then at 10 meter it will stabilize itself before returning to its position of takeoff. After reaching in takeoff position it hover 2 meters above the level of ground.
  • It got an integrated GNSS chipset which deliver GLONASS+GALILEO (GPS) data to your computer. GPS help you to plan by placing the direction of the path in your smart phone and later it will fly by following those paths automatically. While flight other data are recorded so that you could analyze later. You can also replay all your flights in 3D model by using Pilot Academy app.
  • Flight weight of the drone is reduced and quad copter is more aerodynamic.
  • Parrot BeBop Drone gets the power from 1200mAh LiPo (Lithium Polymer), it provides approx. 12 minute to keep flying in the air.
  • Processor: It has a mother board of Parrot P7 dual-core CPU Cortex 9, Quad Core GPU with 8GB flash memory. And have an operating system of LINUX.
  • Sensors: having 3-axes magnetometer, 3-axes gyroscope, 3-axes accelerometer and pressure sensor. It also has a Vertical Stabilization Camera which takes the image of the ground in every 16milliseconds and then it compare with the previous image to determine the speed of the drone. To analyze the altitude of the flight up to 8 meters ultrasound sensor is added with this gadget.
  • Parrot BeBop Drone has the dimension of 28 x 32 x 3.6 cm without hull and with the hull it got 33 x 38 x3.6 cm. its weight 420gm with battery.

Area Of Usage:

Nowadays drones are use in various purposes it is use in research, navigation, and photography and many time it is use in business purpose. Parrot BeBop Drones have an excellent camera quality it can be easily use in aerial photography and cinematography. Newspaper photographer use these quad copters for clicking the pictures of politicians, and celebrities, as it is very hard to capture the moments of those celebrities due to heavy congest of people.

So Drone makes it easy to capture the moments which is beyond our scope to capture with normal cameras. It also helps militaries to find the object or enemy in faraway area. So it helps militaries to take precaution before they attack. And in the field of various researches it also helps to investigate. Without exploring in a cave you can send your drone and explore it out what is there in the cave.Parrot-PF725100-BeBop-Dronenew

So, thanks to Parrot Company for bring such a helpful gadget within us. If you want to see the world without going by itself then what are you waiting for? Just bring it to your home and watch the magic of it. Suppose you want to see what your friend is doing right now send your drone to his home and watch what he/she is doing right now. It’s really an amazing gadget. People move to higher altitude to see the scenic view of the world from the top, but if you have Drone in your home why you will go in higher attitude to see the view and capture it? Send your own Drone up to the altitude of 199.03m and capture your dream images.