The Pros And Cons Of Drones

Last update was on: November 28, 2022 12:56 pm


We all remember that scene from 3 Idiots, where Aamir Khan used a drone and roamed around the campus watching and experiencing many incidents with other students. Well drones gave gained immense popularity lately, with varied usages. In this article we will look at the various pros and cons of using drones. Drones have a wide range of advantages as they help in surveillance and are dead accurate but on the flip side, drones has limited abilities and their use is sometimes unethical.

Well before getting into that, we need to understand that drones have many different names. Some are called killer or attack drones, while other names include spy drones and even surveillance drones. The names vary according to the usages and specific functionality, but sometimes, that may not be the case.

Drones are technically called unmanned aerial vehicle as they are not operated by a pilot. This airborne crafts serve useful purposes in spying, military services and other related operations. Drones are often operated by a controlling person from the ground using a remote control or a computer.

The Pros:

  1. Acts As Lifesaver:  Drones have come a long way in saving the lives of military personnel, as they are unmanned and even if they are hunted down, no lives are lost.
  2. They Are Cheap And Cost-Effective:This is perhaps the most significant advantage of drones, they are cheap and easy to maintain than normal aircrafts. The cost of fuel is also reduced in case of drones.
  3. Reduced Risk:Drones pose lesser threats to military hardware, due to their smaller size than mainstream aircrafts. They can also fly at a much lower altitude.
  4. No Fixed Hours Of Operation:The unmanned nature of drones, gives them longer operational hours and they can work with absolutely no fatigue. The controlling personnel can be changed after a given time span.
  5. Drones Are Dead Accurate: Drones have high accuracy when they are operating from high altitudes; this reduces any harm that may have been caused to the normal people or buildings.
  6. Same Deadliness:They may be small and compact, but that doesn’t reduce the deadliness of drones in fighting the enemy when compared to other fighter planes.
  7. A Great Tool For Surveillance:It is only recently that drones are used in warfare, but before that they were successfully used in spying and helped in aiding military intelligence.
  8. Easier To Deploy: Deploying drones is much easier than other available options.

The Cons:

  1. The Ability Of Drones Is Limited: Everything has its own share of disadvantages and drones are also no exception. They help in surveillance true but they cannot establish communication with the people for far reached intelligence. Abandoned war equipments can’t be captured by drones.
  2. Hindering Civilian Life:Drones used in warfare can result in loss of humanity, they can hinder normal lifestyle of the people and can damage property.
  3. Use Of Drones In Military Purposes Are Not Taken In A Good Sense By The People: The use of drones can destabilize and people take it as part of an encroachment, when lives of the common people are lost and damage is done, this tactic is viewed as an cold – hearted approach.
  4. Its Easy Operation Blurs The Line Of Ethics:We have seen it many popular video games, that drones are used to attack, using it in warfare blurs the line of ethics, mainly due to its easy usage.
  5. Hard Time For The Operators: The people who control the drones find it very difficult in maintaining the balance in life. As they are fighting at one instance and then they switch back to their normal life.