Raleigh Company To Help Amazon In Drone Delivery Testing

Raleigh Drone developer Precision Hawk has completed the first phase of the 3-year project aimed for business capitalization on unmanned aerial vehicles. Now it is being more than a year for Raleigh to team up with the FAA, now the phase 1 findings are to be released.

With the release of new rules of FAA, the drone operators are prohibited from the areas where the physical site of their drone flight is unavailable. So, the flight tests near Raleigh’s Lake Wheeler area came up with a problem of the line of site. As this regulation became a big barrier to Amazon, which hopes for the drone to deliver their packages.

It is being reported that the out of the 91 deaths which were recorded for wildlife biologists during 1957 to 2000, 66 were due to the aviation related accidents.

Thomas Haun, Precision Hawk executive vice president says, “Phase 1 of this project known as “Pathfinder” was about setting a baseline and demonstrating EVLOS safety. Right now, it’s about testing what a pilot can see from the ground and not just the drone.”

“Being able to surveil the airspace, understanding if there’s an intruding aircraft, that’s actually much more important,” he added, “We are on the path to creating a regulatory context that would allow beyond-line-of-sight drone operations.”

His team started working on Phase 2 which is flying UAV beyond their line of sight in a testing field near Sanford. The goal will be to determine the requirements needed for operating drones out of sight and without any harm.

Precision Hawk expects that the Phase 2 results will be out until the end of the year, and by May 2018 the full report of this drone delivery project will be clear.

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