Real Estate Drone Photography – An Advanced Guide for Real Estate Photographers

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1. Real Estate Photography – What Exactly is this?

Hey, Don’t get mistaken Real Estate Photography for the simple child play hobby stuff photography which can be done by anyone, it is one of the most difficult things to do in business today, it has become more of selling a lifestyle.

In today’s competitive world, it is very important to connect the agents with the viewers. As with the Real Estate Photography you are making a house someone’s home, a property is being transformed into a place where one will create their special moments.

There are thousands of places, properties, and venues listed for sale or rental every day. Thus, the photographs need to build which can be imagined one with their family or business within the space.

The specialization in capturing this Real Estate Photography cannot be done better than a drone, where one can feel in the space without actually being there.

2. Aerial Photography and Videography via Drones

With the invention of camera drones for photography and videography, the market of real estate is changing to a new level.

Some agents believe that drones are the most important invention of technology to enter real estate marketing since the internet. And we can see the transformation of drones for photography instead of a camera, as it gives the complete 360 Degree View of the place and feels like you are physically present to the place.

3. Benefits of Using Drones to Market Real Estate

Now a day’s real estate agents and brokers believe that the use of drones in the real estate marketing is more beneficial than the normal camera. So, camera drones are being used its benefits are explained below.

1. More Compelling Images

You can create more dynamic shots by using any ready-to-fly camera drone available in the market very easily as many of them are auto-piloted. With the help of GPS-programmed drones which can automatically take the flight with a camera capturing the footages and images.

2. More Interesting Virtual Tours

A camera drone can fly into a house through the front door, and travel throughout every room, which creates far more natural virtual tour than any normal photography can.

3. Highlight more Property Features

Front yards, back yards, Landscaping, pools, walking paths are an important part of selling any property to many buyers and sellers. So are nearby areas are captured by the drones. Thus, aerial photography and videography will definitely highlight the property feature more efficiently.

4. Give an Edge to Business

With the use of drones for videos and photos to sell your properties generates more opportunity in the business and will help the buyer and seller to take an awesome look of their property and creates more chance of increasing business.

5. Save Money

Comparing an Aerial Shooting via a helicopter and a drone, the Drone Shooting is way cheaper. Buying Expensive cameras and arranging some aircraft is not feasible. In comparison, drones are much cheaper alternative and are easily available.

4. Photography in Different Sectors of Real Estate

Whether it is commercial Real Estate Marketing or luxury home marketing, every field is transforming with technology.

Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate business drones are playing a major role in the market. Commercial photographers are using camera drones to market real estate photography.

Out of the first 1,000 FAA exemptions given to commercial drone operators, more than 350 were for real estate marketing.

The commercial photography is growing with the use of drone camera which fills up the requirements of fast-growing demand for high-quality aerial video and photography.

Luxury Home Marketing

Buyers of a million dollar homes or property are looking for these on the internet online. Thus, what they expect is high-quality photography and video in the online listing or they will not even have a glance at it.

The expensive luxury homes are presented online with the visual advantages of camera drones is most impactful. Many agents present their property videos and photos by using drones on their websites.

It cannot be denied that the luxury property market has seen substantial increase via the use of good photography techniques.

5. Tips on Using a Drone for Real Estate Marketing

It is always better to learn from others who have gone from this before whether you are planning to do this yourself or outsourcing it.

Following are a few guidelines which will help you in shooting your first drone footage:

1. Hire a Local Drone Professional.

There are many reasons that will stop you to shoot your drone footage yourself, as explained. It will take many hours for practicing to learn how to fly and take great shots from drones.

You will need a pilot’s license (COA) and FAA Approval (Sec. 333 Exemption) to fly a camera drone for real estate marketing.

or You may Do It Yourself -You can learn drone flying and capturing photos and videos from any professional, just by talking, watching and listening.

So if you are planning for business by buying and operating your own camera drone, you can definitely go ahead, the time is now.

2. Have Realistic Expectations

Getting High-Quality drone shots will cost more than a land-based photographer, and shooting aerial footage takes more time than ground photographs or video shoots.

You will always need to be flexible with your photography time; especially when you are new to the drones.

3. Take long, steady shots

You should always capture raw footage which is long enough because that can be cut down to smaller size afterward.

If you want to shoot 1-minute fly around, then shoot two or three 90-second trips in a row.

4. Always Use a 3-Axis Gimbal

A high-quality 3-Axis Gimbal like the integrated set used on the drone’s camera in a gyroscopically-balanced mount which holds the camera steady even when the drone moves around. It also uses electrical motors to orient the camera while in flight.

The 3-axis gimbals enable super-steady, flowing shots and insulate the camera from most vibrations.

This is the secret of getting the most stunning and attractive videos you see them online.

5. Add Glidecam / Steadicam footage to create a Seamless Video.

A Glidecam/Steadicam which is a hand-held version of the same 3-axis gimbal that most high-quality camera drones use to keep their shots steady and vibration-free.

You must mount your DSLR or HD video camera on it and use your hands to orient the shot. The camera swings freely in its mount, insulated from sudden moves and vibrations.

In real estate marketing, Glidecams & Steadicams are used to take smooth, immersive ground-level video tours, especially walk-ins, walk-throughs, and walk-outs.

6. Always shoot your important footage more than one time.

Light, weather, vibrations can be changed every time when you take photos and videos from a drone in each flight.

You won’t catch these differences by watching the live streaming video on the controller’s screen. So always shoot your important shot 3-4 times.

7. Always Fly with the Wind

Most of the camera drones are quadcopters, and quads do not fly well in winds greater than 20-25 knots.

The wind speed will affect the footages when the speed is greater it will generate movement and vibrations.

So, the best way to choose for photography is in the windless day.

8. Fly safe!

A Drone Operator needs to fly carefully around the trees, wires, and people.

So, if you are going to operate your own camera drone for commercial purposes, then definitely get professional training before you start shooting.

There are local Drone Safety Courses available so you should take one before starting.

6. Popular Drones used for Real Estate Photography and Videography

If you are considering purchasing a drone for video and photo capturing for Real Estate, then there are many drones which have an add-on camera or a high-end Canon but, the best drone which you can purchase is suggested below:

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7. Real Estate Drone Photographs and Shoots

Just to feel how the real estate drone shoots works and the images and videos by the drone you can see the video and photos of real estate.

8. Rules and Regulations for Safety Concern

If you have a drone larger than 0.5 lbs in weight, then you must register your aircraft with the FAA. Registering a drone is easy to do on the FAA website, which costs only $5 to register as many drones as you own.

Unregistered drones are subjected to a fine of up to $25,000 per aircraft.

FAA Flight Restrictions

FAA has introduced several rules and regulations for flying the drones for safety purpose that must be followed by every drone operators. Some of the rules are:

Restricted Air Spaces: No drones may be flown within five miles of an Airplane Terminal.

Flight Ceiling: Commercial Drones cannot be flown at an altitude of more than 400 feet.

Line-of-Sight Rule: Drone Pilots must maintain visible eye contact with their aircraft at all times.

Drone Pilot Certification

A person who operates a drone for any type of commercial purpose must have his license. Whether for taking photos for a real estate listing or just for any unpaid job, they must have an aircraft pilot’s license.

The FAA has released several strict rules and regulations for drone operators. One must take care of following those rules.

Don’t allow the people who don’t have a pilot’s license and a 333 exemption in-hand is breaking the law when they take aerial photos to shoot for you.

Better check their papers and license before you hire any drone pilots.

Drone Insurance

While the risk of damage and injury by drone is very low, but who knows when any risk arises.

For avoiding any misshapen you should demand that every drone operator you employ carry commercial drone insurance with at least a $1 million limit of liability.

And if you fly the drone yourself, then check with your commercial insurance agent to make sure that drone operation is covered by your existing business liability policy.

9. To Wrap it Off!!

Well, Real Estate Drone Photography has emerged as the Biggest trends that this market is using now. Apart from just being into this sector, drones has established a name in a number of segments. So, if you wish to carry of with your own interest in this particular field, the chances are real bright!

Keep a thorough check. Real Estate Drone Photography is on a rage!

If you are looking for the best drones for sale for Real Estate Photography, you have undoubtedly landed up at the right place. Here, you’ll get everything you ever wished to know about the Real Estate Drone Photography.

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