ROAM-e-Drone : The Flying Selfie Stick

Simon Kantor, a 27 year old entrepreneur and the founder of IoT Group is all set to captivate the world by assisting selfies with technological innovations.

The company announced their newest product ROAM-e. It is just like a flying selfie stick which is designed to fly in front of your face and capture images and videos as desired. “It follows you from in front of you, not behind. It follows your face. You’d never take a selfie from the back of your head,” Kantor said.

The company boasts about ROAM-e as the first of its kind. However, a similar drone named Nixie was also introduced to the world in CES, Las Vegas in January 2021. Though, things did not go well for Nixie and this gives ROAM-e a golden opportunity to win over the hearts of people.

Product Specifications

  • 1080p Camera which can be replaced with 4K or 3D camera.
  • A set of 2 batteries.
  • Flight time of about 20 minutes from each battery.
  • Charging time of 2 hours for 1 battery.
  • Flight range of about 25 meters.
  • 4 Flight Modes for smart flying.

The device captures your front side of the face by capturing a 180 degree scanned print. The drone is designed to follow you even when you sway towards the either side. It slips into ‘loiter mode’ and stands still if you turn around completely and further gets active only after recognising your face.

ROAM-e is different in design from few other following-drones. The Parrot Bebop, DJI Phantom Models, 3D Robotics’ Solo Drone are certain amazing camera drones programmed to capture rear photographs. IoT shows distinctive properties as it captures from front.

The company has already uploaded the video featuring the drone which was filmed in Sydney. The company was expecting around 250,000 pre-orders before Christmas which has already been achieved and this Australian product is being manufactured in Shenzhen, China.

“Since launch, we have been working with retailers locally and globally and production is gearing up now with early production units expected to be ready by early August, ramping up to 50,000 per week to meet demand in Australia, Japan and the US,” Kantor said.

The product will initially be available online only in Australia, Japan and The US by the end of September for about $499 at or US$399 at

IoT Group is the year’s first listed IoTs Company to carry business on the ASX. It’s range of 6 New OK Smart Watches are also available through Coles supermarkets.

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