Flying Postmen, Taxmen and Spies: Unusual Ways Governments Uses Drones

Flying the unmanned aircraft or watching them performing an action can be really thrilling and electrifying experience. Whenever used for good, unmanned aircraft can assist in capturing several amazing images as well as shoot some stunning footage. Occasionally, however, they have been utilized for the purpose of doing good, but the result was far from helpful.

It also appears that governments are leading in the wild stakes, as they emerge to be the ones who are utilizing drones for few fascinating exploits. Here are some of the strange and conceivably inspirational instances of how governments around the globe have utilized the flying objects.

Cheat on Tax

Spain’s Tax Agency has revealed that approximately 2 million homes are unsuccessful to pay the correct taxes credit goes to the drones.

The unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) discovered an enhancement to the houses of people that they were unsuccessful to declare to the tax office, for example, swimming pools and extensions.

The UAV and satellite investigation were carried out across 4,340 Spanish municipalities, with respect to the report which was published in Spanish daily El Mundo.

Wasting the Money of Taxpayers

Along with the catching tax cheats, unmanned aircraft are also responsible for wasting the money of taxpayers.

How much would a US$250,000 experimental aircraft get you? Actually not much if, it crumbles in midair at some stage in a SWAT training implementation in Montgomery County, Texas.

Officials of the county, however, sketch to replace it, optimistically with somewhat that’s a bit further tried-and-tested.

Crashing Into the White House

A small aircraft got crashed in the grounds of White House, resulting in a lockdown of the whole complex. The New York Times stated that the aircraft was flown by an “inebriated, off-duty employee for a government intelligence agency,” who was actually flying it from an apartment nearby and suddenly lost control.

From the time of this incident, the drone manufacturing company DJI has updated the firmware to prohibit its aircraft from flying in the restricted areas of nation’s capital.

Crashing an unmanned aircraft in the backyard of neighbor’s is terrible enough without putting national security in danger.


The government of UK is eager for drones to set up delivering people’s shopping, functioning with Amazon they expect that companies will ultimately begin utilizing drones to distribute small parcels just in 30 minutes of placing the order for something online.

Now this is possibly an extremely valuable thing for people, but the strangest thing will be watching all of these drones in the sky transporting tiny parcels as well as shopping bags or it can be used for spying on any home improvements for the taxman or potentially, just inquiring on us for services of government intelligence.

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