Area of Usage of Drones


Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are basically flying machines that are controlled by people but from another location using radio control. Drones are very popular among tech geeks and also very important machinery used by the military for varied purposes. Some of the main uses of Drones are:

  • Aerial Surveillance: Usually, drones are equipped with an inbuilt camera, or have features using which one can attach a camera to it. Being a radio controlled vehicle, it can go to places undetected due to its small size. The camera and this small size give it the advantage of being the perfect spying machine for the military. Moreover, as it can be used to sweep large areas, they also help in monitoring livestock, map wildfires, in road patrolling and household security. All these functions can be done by regular people as well as professional surveyors.
  • Film Making: Drones are also used for filming certain sequences that prove quite hard to film with a hand held camera or from the ground. Actually, these drones are not only used in films, but also by people having photography or shooting as their hobby. Also, there are a few steadfast rules involved in flying drones. Generally, the permit states that a person can fly a drone as long as it is within their site and the altitude is less than 400 feet.
  • Journalism: In the recent years, drones have been used by many journalists to gather high end footage of certain events. As features enable drones to fly over places and steadily record events without much hassle and from a safe distance, they are becoming very popular in the world of journalism.
  • Rescue Missions: There are some drones which have a very high range of connection. Moreover, they have good enough cameras which can be used in rescue missions. Predator drones have the capability of flying 18000-29000 feet ASL (above sea level). Thus they are very useful in surveying large areas and help in searching missions.
  • Scientific Research: One of the main reasons drones were built was to penetrate certain areas which were too risky for manned aircrafts to reach. Drones can be sent into the deepest jungle or into dangerous storms to gather data. Moreover, there are many drones which area designed specifically for the purpose of scientific research that can provide with almost live data transmission from any place.
  • Reconnaissance: the military uses this feature of the drone very frequently to know the actual positioning and planning of the enemy. Being small, its detection is quite hard and thus can provide with the best intel without much problems being created.
  • Military Attacks: There are some drones that can be loaded with certain guns and missiles. These can be used to mount a full-fledged attack without the presence to any soldier at the field of battle.
  • Defense Against Other Drones: Some drones are equipped with trackers and weapons that can track other drones in the area and destroy them if necessary. This leads to a war between two unmanned machines and even if the drones are in danger of being destroyed, there is no human casualty.
  • Provide Target For Training: For the military, it is very important to train their operatives to defend from drones. It is quite evident that is one can use drones to attack, then one can also be attacked by drones. Moreover, to practice real flight missions, drones play an important role by being the movable targets for the practice.
  • Helps In Conservation Of Forests And Animals: Drones can be used to conduct surveys in dense forest areas. They are the best machines to use to track the whereabouts of endangered animals to know if they are doing fine. Moreover, sometimes the drones help to track poachers. Once successfully revealed and the poachers located, the forest department can take the necessary action.
  • Maritime Patrolling: Patrolling beaches or big stretches of coastline are important functions of a drone.
  • Light Transportation Of Cargo: drones have the capability of carrying loads to a certain extent. They are sometimes used by military to transport light weighted materials or food to various remote locations not easily accessible by humans or where detection can lead to potential dangers.

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