What is a Drone?

Any unnamed aerial vehicle (UAV) is called “Drone”, or we can say Drone is a flying robot which can be operated by remote control. Drone can also fly in autopilot mode. In this case, there is no need to navigate the flying object through the remote control. In the security purpose, often unpiloted air vehicle has been used.

Unpiloted air vehicle is divided into two types one where the software is installed and aircraft can fly in autopilot mode or the second type of drone which has to be navigated by the pilot who is on the ground and control it remotely. Most of the time drone contains high quality camera in order to take pictures. So basically drone is nameless aerial vehicle that can fly either in automatic mode or control by experts.

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Brief Background History of Drone

It was mid 1800s when Austria wanted to attack Venice, so Austrian military force had sent a balloon which was carrying bombs. history of drones

This was the first attempt while any unpiloted flying object had been sent for some purpose. That time people had no idea about drone but this balloon had opened up a new horizon in the field of aviation science.

It was a striking incident for the scientists.

Then they started visualizing an aerial vehicle which could fly without direct human intervention. With this visualization Dayton-Wright Airplane Company developed aerial torpedo where pilot was not required. In 1916 A. M. Low had invented “Aerial Target” which was pilot less aerial vehicle. In the year 1935 “Remote Piloted Vehicle’ was created by Reginald Denny .

After that, with the course of time, aviation science has been developed and upgraded. Scientists discover innovative ideas and develop new style of aerial vehicles.

The modern drones are not only highly developed but also equipped with a lot of features that help in search operation, rescue operation also. Even drone are used in traffic monitoring, weather monitoring. But most of the time drones are deployed by the military for special operation.

About Modern Drone and Its Features

There are various types of drones which are used in military. But in recent days both MQ-1B Predator and the MQ-9 Reaper are the most advanced drones. Both planes are carrying best quality sensors in bulbous noses. They look different from normal aircraft.

Most of time black and white is the normal color of the military drone, but it can be changed. Both are equipped with highest quality TV cameras, image intensifiers, radars. They contain infra-red which helps to take picture in low light and for fixing the target, leasers is used. Laser-guided missiles are carried by MQ-9 Reaper and MQ-1B Predator.

secom-private-droneIn order to control MQ-1B Predator and the MQ-9 Reaper’s controlling system four aircrafts; a satellite link with a ground controlling station is needed.

Though the drones are in autopilot mode but still expert groups are always monitoring its position, observing the images and if necessary they can navigate the aircraft.

Generally the ground station of the drone has been set up thousands miles away from the craft’s destination, so that expert operators can peacefully control it and analyze the data that has been providing by drone.

MQ-1B Predator and the MQ-9 Reaper crafts are specially created for the security purpose. But both are also considered as pilot less fighting craft. Investigation, target identification, observation are the key areas. But at the same time they are used in military intelligence

Department to gather information and data. Security force sends them in such areas where human being can’t reach. They work in sensitive zone or highly risky area and gather intelligence data, record video, take still photograph. Even they can destroy target successfully. There is a system that allows the crafts not only identify the target but also hit it from long distance.

Earlier version of Predator and Reaper can measure target from a few miles and range can be expanded up to five miles. But the new edition of MQ-9 Reaper which carries “hunter-killer” system that means they hold four Hellfire missiles instead of two Hellfire missiles. Apart from four Hellfire missiles, they hold up Paveway II and GBU-12, which are exceptionally powerful bomb, guided by leaser.

Generally drones are fast pace aerial vehicle. The speed of Reaper is 370kph. Due to its high speed, it can’t fly in low altitude. It has to maintain certain range of altitude to fly safely.

People’s Passion about Drones

Drones are not only used in military but there are a number of civil activates which can be done by deploying drone. As drone has carried camera, so with the help of camera anyone can get live accurate information.

Chris Anderson, who has been working as an Editor-In-Chief of Wired magazine, has decided to resign his editorship, just because he has been passionate about drone.

He has wanted to build up a drone making company. So for the establishment of his drone manufacturing company, Chris Anderson has left his post.

Actually there are a lot of government and private organizations which are manufacturing drone. Even drone making is now becoming a kind hobby which techies love to do.

When we are talking about drone, it is not necessary that drone has to be a large size strange looking craft that is equipped with missiles and modern explosives. But drone can be small flying craft which carries only camera for videography.

World’s Best Drone Making Companies

The Boeing Company: Boeing Company has mainly design and developed drone for intelligence purpose. United State Military department uses Boeing Company’s drone.

General Atomics: General Atomics Company, situated in San-Diego, is manufacturer of Predator drone that is also deployed by military force.

AeroVironment, Inc. “AeroVironmen is well known for its Hummingbird drone”.

Prox Dynamics AS : This Company is famous for ‘Black Hornet Nano”. It is a small hand held helicopter which is able to inform the secrets of enemy camp to the soldiers.

DJI : For the commercial purpose, DJI Phantom is used. This drone is mainly utilized by the filmmakers and commercial people.

Apart from intelligence, drones are used in several sectors including commercial purposes. As it holds high quality camera, it provides clear pictures and videos. Day by day the usage of drone is rising as well as market popularity of the drone is growing up.