Wingsland S6 To Be Launched At Christmas

Last update was on: June 22, 2021 11:35 am

Wingsland S6 soon to be for sale around the Globe and is said to be one of the top items to buy this christmas.

On August 9th at a successful launch even in Beijing, China’s ‘Wingsland Technology Co., Ltd’ have lifted the black sheet on what could be one of the biggest drones to hit the market in 2021.

The S6 is roughly the same size as the iPhone 6. It has 4 foldable arms so that it can be stored safely and can be carried easily with little chance of damage.
The S6 once released to buy will be the world’s thinnest drone with a 4K camera. Weighing in at only 230 grams including the battery and being only 26.8mm thick.

It will feature a 13 MegaPixel low distortion camera and come in 6 fashionable colours.
S6 colours

Located on the upper body of the S6 you will be able to attach 3 entertaining modules which click into an extension port.
A mini cannon gun, Search light and an emoji display screen will be available on the same date as the S6. An all-round obstacle avoidance module will be later released.

The will have different flying modes which are controlled by its powerful piloting APP on iOS or Android. This tiny drone will have the most modern abilities such as follow me mode, auto return to home, one-key take off/landing and intelligent orientation control

The S6 will be the smartphone of drones. It blows the ‘Dobby Drone’ out of the water and It weighs 6 times less than the ‘DJI phantom 4’ but hosts many of the same features

Main Features

Follow me mode (the drone will follow you and film, meaning you can skate board, ride a bike or play with the kids while the S6 films)GPS and GLONASS Dual satellite navigation for guaranteed precise navigation outside
4K camera360 degree photo (those cool photos that you can use goggles with)
Mini attachable cannon that shootsOptical sensor system and infrared for indoor flying with no GPS
Low battery alarmReturn to home button (it will automatically return to the take of position or the pilots position depending on the setting)
Voice commandsAndroid and iOS APP for flying

These are just some of the features that the S6 includes in its tiny shell body.

Expected to be released sometime in October, Wingsland is hinting that the drone will be 350 – 400USD

I will also email you the day the Wingsland S6 is for sale so you can be one of the first to buy an S6.

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